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Featured Elfbeads

Amur LeopardAmur Leopard
Amur Leopard Sale price$39.00
Bengal TigerBengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger Sale price$39.00
Golden White TigerGolden White Tiger
Golden White Tiger Sale price$39.00
Snow LeopardSnow Leopard
Snow Leopard Sale price$39.00
Mermaid ScalesMermaid Scales
Mermaid Scales Sale price$55.00
Koi Flowerpond-Sapphire Lily BlossomKoi Flowerpond-Sapphire Lily Blossom
Lucky KoiLucky Koi
Lucky Koi Sale price$45.00
Koi Flowerpond-Pure Lily BlossomKoi Flowerpond-Pure Lily Blossom
Mermaid FountainMermaid Fountain
Mermaid Fountain Sale price$55.00
Koi Flowerpond-Crimson Lily BlossomKoi Flowerpond-Crimson Lily Blossom
Bunny's TreasureBunny's Treasure
Bunny's Treasure Sale price$65.00
Eggcellent SparkleEggcellent Sparkle
Eggcellent Sparkle Sale price$65.00
Eggstravagant Gem PinkEggstravagant Gem Pink
Eggstravagant Gem Pink Sale price$65.00
Eggstravagant Gem BlueEggstravagant Gem Blue
Eggstravagant Gem Blue Sale price$65.00
Lavender WhisperLavender Whisper
Lavender Whisper Sale price$44.00
Tiger Lilies BouquetTiger Lilies Bouquet
Tiger Lilies Bouquet Sale price$44.00
Honeybee HarmonyHoneybee Harmony
Honeybee Harmony Sale price$44.00
Sunburst DottySunburst Dotty
Sunburst Dotty Sale price$39.00
Ladybug Serenity BloomLadybug Serenity Bloom
Ladybug Serenity Bloom Sale price$44.00
Easter Blossoms MidnightEaster Blossoms Midnight
Easter Blossoms Midnight Sale price$44.00
Easter Blossoms ApricotsEaster Blossoms Apricots
Easter Blossoms Apricots Sale price$44.00
Easter Blossoms MeadowEaster Blossoms Meadow
Easter Blossoms Meadow Sale price$44.00
Sunny Easter BlossomsSunny Easter Blossoms
Sunny Easter Blossoms Sale price$44.00
Easter Blossoms SkyEaster Blossoms Sky
Easter Blossoms Sky Sale price$44.00
Easter Blossoms LoveEaster Blossoms Love
Easter Blossoms Love Sale price$44.00
Easter Blossoms AllureEaster Blossoms Allure
Easter Blossoms Allure Sale price$44.00
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Candy Bunny TrailCandy Bunny Trail
Candy Bunny Trail Sale price$39.00
Joyful Bunny TrailJoyful Bunny Trail
Joyful Bunny Trail Sale price$39.00
Clover BlossomClover Blossom
Clover Blossom Sale price$44.00
Lucky ScalesLucky Scales
Lucky Scales Sale price$44.00
Shamrock MeadowShamrock Meadow
Shamrock Meadow Sale price$44.00
Midnight Jelly  DewdropsMidnight Jelly  Dewdrops
Midnight Jelly Dewdrops Sale price$39.00
The Sleeping FairyThe Sleeping Fairy
The Sleeping Fairy Sale price$95.00
Pegasus Sale price$95.00
Make Love Not HuntMake Love Not Hunt
Make Love Not Hunt Sale price$65.00
It Takes Two To MeowIt Takes Two To Meow
It Takes Two To Meow Sale price$65.00
Cat SerenadeCat Serenade
Cat Serenade Sale price$44.00
Moonlit Love NoirMoonlit Love Noir
Moonlit Love Noir Sale price$44.00
Intriguing Hearts PinkIntriguing Hearts Pink
Intriguing Hearts Pink Sale price$39.00
Intriguing Hearts Yellow-GreenIntriguing Hearts Yellow-Green
Blooms of Passion MonroeBlooms of Passion Monroe
Blooms of Passion Monroe Sale price$44.00
Gemstone Gardens MonroeGemstone Gardens Monroe
Gemstone Gardens Monroe Sale price$44.00
Royal Pink PerpetualsRoyal Pink Perpetuals
Royal Pink Perpetuals Sale price$44.00
Turquoise Elegance PerpetualsTurquoise Elegance Perpetuals
Midnight Elegance PerpetualsMidnight Elegance Perpetuals
Midnight Royalty RibbonsMidnight Royalty Ribbons
Midnight Royalty Ribbons Sale price$44.00
Nebula Princess RoseNebula Princess Rose
Nebula Princess Rose Sale price$44.00
Cerulean Sunset BloomCerulean Sunset Bloom
Cerulean Sunset Bloom Sale price$44.00