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Vineyard Elegance

Welcome the warmth of Thanksgiving with this graceful grapevine adorned with luscious hanging grapes, which symbolizes abundance, harvest, and the joys of shared celebrations.

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New Collection

Discover our Celebration Collection, a tribute to the beauty of the late fall season and the magic of gratitude.

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Candle Of Gratitude

Every day of the year, we can make time to count our blessings and give gratitude for all the things that we have. Let us celebrate the harvest and all the blessings of the past year with a great feast on this special day. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Oak Leaves Midnight Shimmer glass bead is a tribute to the captivating allure of autumn nights. With its deep black base adorned with a glistening touch of dark gold, this bead evokes the essence of a moonlit night when the Oak leaves rustle in a hushed, mystical cadence. They whisper secrets of the night, weaving an enchanting spell that adds an air of intrigue and magic.

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Royal Grapes Golddust

The Royal Grapes Golddust glass bead symbolizes the late fall harvest and the blessings of nature. This bead is a tribute to the abundance of autumn. It represents the joy of a family gathering together, savoring the warmth of a glass of mulled wine, and cherishing precious moments of togetherness.

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20% Off Celebration Design Sets

Discover artfully crafted ready-to-wear Celebration design sets. Elevate your style and enjoy a 20% discount when you embrace the entire set!

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Deals & Offers

Explore all the deals and sales we have to offer today

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Elfbeads Club

is a happy place where you can enjoy your beads even more with a variety of perks and discounts.

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Instagram Gallery

Check out our Instagram Gallery to shop the look created by you, for you

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Elfbeads Basics Frost

Discover the captivating world of colors with our Elfbeads Basics product line.

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Sea Pondflower

Meet the Sea Pondflower! Created for you with a touch of Elfbeads underwater magic.

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Magic Garden Forget-Me-Not

The Tale of Forget-Me-Not: A Magical Garden's last stand against Autumn.

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Glass beads

We take pride in our glass beads, which are expertly crafted by highly skilled artisans in our very own workshop. We use only the finest glass sourced from around the globe. Our lampwork artists have years of experience and are trained by renowned masters.

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Silver Charms

We partner with skilled designers from all over the world to create exquisite silver charms. From design to finish, experts use advanced technology and skillful craftsmanship to bring each charm to life.

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Bangles and bracelets

Elfbeads bangles and bracelets are made of 925 sterling silver and fully compatible with Pandora and Trollbeads

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