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Spring Awakening

Nature awakens with the first signs of Spring in the Elfbeads Secret Garden. The sun pours its golden light as if it were a liquid. Bees and ladybugs awaken from their long slumber and find meadows of fresh new blooms that spread magical sweet scents. Do you feel the sweetest caramel magic in the air?

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St Patricks Day

Come and see if you can find a lucky clover on the clover field! It will bring you luck all year long! Collect a bouquet of shamrocks and admire its elegant and delicate beauty.

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The Sleeping Fairy

Introducing our new masterpiece, The Sleeping Fairy. The tired fairy is cradled in nature's enchanting dreams, embraced by the lullaby of trees and whispered tales of mushrooms. The charm captures this moment of pure beauty, admiration, and peaceful perfection.

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Crafted with meticulous detail, this bead is a profound symbol of untamed beauty and boundless potential. We have worked magic to breathe life into this mythical creature, making it a wearable masterpiece.

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Romantic Duos

Our Romantic Duos collection blossoms through the season of love 💖

A gentle reminder that love and beauty are always around.

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Elfbeads Dragons

Dragons is our mesmerizing collection honoring the spirit of the Lunar New Year.

Explore Dragon Eyes—serene blues, prosperous yellows, vibrant greens, and passionate reds. Each bead embodies qualities and emotions, intertwining myth and craftsmanship.

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20% Off Design Sets

In the magical world of Fantasy Land we showcase the art of mixing and matching Elfbeads to craft a uniquely stunning bracelet. Explore our curated design sets that effortlessly blend elegance and charm.

Get 20% OFF when you buy the whole set! 🎁

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Elfbeads E-Gift Card

Introducing Elfbeads Gift Card – the perfect way to share the joy of giving while letting your special someone curate their collection of Elfbeads treasures and celebrate their individuality.
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Silver Charms

We partner with skilled designers from all over the world to create exquisite silver charms. From design to finish, experts use advanced technology and skillful craftsmanship to bring each charm to life.

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Glass beads

We take pride in our glass beads, which are expertly crafted by highly skilled artisans in our very own workshop. We use only the finest glass sourced from around the globe. Our lampwork artists have years of experience and are trained by renowned masters.

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Bangles and bracelets

Elfbeads bangles and bracelets are made of 925 sterling silver and fully compatible with Pandora and Trollbeads

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2023 Retrospective

In 2023, Elfbeads experienced a truly magical year. Diligently, we toiled to transform our inspirations into seven enchanting collections. Our gifted elves wove magic into the very fabric of our new beads. We cast the mightiest of spells on our website. Our packaging also received a gentle touch of fairy love. We gifted Elfbeads its wings.

Take a moment to revisit our signature collections from 2023, and stay tuned for even more exciting releases in 2024!

Christmas Collections

Let our Christmas beads transport you to a winter wonderland, where each moment is filled with the magic of the holidays.

Enjoy convenient shopping for all Christmas-themed beads from our past collections.

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Vineyard Elegance

This graceful grapevine adorned with luscious hanging grapes, symbolizes abundance, harvest, and the joys of shared celebrations.

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Celebration Collection

Discover our Celebration Collection, a tribute to the beauty of the late fall season and the magic of gratitude.

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Halloween Collections

Embark on a journey through ancient forests, uncovering the secrets of enchanting potions in our Halloween collections, but beware, for these bewitching creations may cast their spell or leave you with a delightful shiver of spooky excitement!

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The Necronomicon

Bound in ancient, tenebrous leather, the Forbidden Necronomicon beckons with promises of Halloween's deepest enchantments. Within its pages lie incantations to summon shadows, breathe life into nightmares, and command the very fabric of fear itself.

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The Earth Collection

This collection is our love song for the incredible planet that we all share.

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is a happy place where you can enjoy your beads even more with a variety of perks and discounts.

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Elfbeads Basics Frost

Discover the captivating world of colors with our Elfbeads Basics product line.

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Elfbeads Classics

Signature designs, which brought Elfbeads worldwide popularity.

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