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The New Design Set

In the mystical depths of The Secret Garden, the air was thick with magic, and dreams blossomed like the flowers that adorned its paths. At the heart of this enchanted realm lay The Secret Pond, a serene oasis where reflections danced By The Window, inviting all who gazed upon it into a world of wonder.

The Fantasy Land

Light My Way

Even on the darkest night, when everything seems lost, and you feel like there's no more hope, I'll be there to light your path.

Shine On

By The Window

Through the window of dreams and the door of possibilities, new worlds await.

Let your heart guide you to the magic beyond the frame.

Explore Beyond

The Secret Pond

Pick up a white pebble, make a wish, and throw it into the pond waters...

Something amazing is about to happen.

Toss a pebble

Fruity Hues

Embrace Summer Happiness with the Basics Monroe vibrant shades.

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Refreshing Greens

From Fresh to Teal and Aquamarine Bliss.

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Ocean Treasures

Dive into Seashell Hues with a Touch of Elegance.

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Cool Elegance

Luxurious Gemstone Shades for a Refreshing Summer.

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The Wood Dragon

Deep within an ancient forest, the whimsical Wood Dragon roams, embracing the beauty of nature.

With a heart as pure as the forest itself, this vegetarian dragon delights in the taste of wild mushrooms and embodies the serenity of his woodland home.

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Mesmerizing Design Sets

Behold our design sets, crafted to mesmerize with their beauty and style. These stunning designs are guaranteed to leave you breathless.

What's more, enjoy a 20% discount when you purchase the entire set!

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Summertime Allure

The Summertime Allure collection captures the magic of warm, moonlit nights, weaving tales of romance and luxury.

Embrace the beauty and elegance of summer evenings with every bead.

Discover The Magic

Summertime Butterflies

Capture the essence of a sun-kissed summer with our Summertime Butterflies beads, where nature's beauty takes flight on delicate wings. 

Capture The Summer

Birth Of The Fairy

The Birth of The Fairy is a moment of pure magic and miracle. Emerging from her delicate cocoon, woven from the finest threads of web and leaves, the Fairy lies.

Witness the birth of The Fairy as she embraces her new life with boundless joy and delight.

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The Fern Snail Guardian

The Fern Snail Guardian is a majestic creature from the depths of the Elfbeads Secret Garden. With its spiraled fern shell, it embodies the wisdom and magic of the ancient forest.

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Big Cats

Inspired by the beauty and diversity of our planet's wildlife, our Earth Day Edition features four stunning glass beads that capture the essence of some of nature's most magnificent creatures

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Spring Awakening

Nature awakens with the first signs of Spring in the Elfbeads Secret Garden. The sun pours its golden light as if it were a liquid. Bees and ladybugs awaken from their long slumber and find meadows of fresh new blooms that spread magical sweet scents. Do you feel the sweetest caramel magic in the air?

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The Sleeping Fairy

The tired fairy is cradled in nature's enchanting dreams, embraced by the lullaby of trees and whispered tales of mushrooms. The charm captures this moment of pure beauty, admiration, and peaceful perfection.

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Romantic Duos

Our Romantic Duos collection blossoms through the season of love 💖

A gentle reminder that love and beauty are always around.

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20% Off Design Sets

In the magical world of Fantasy Land we showcase the art of mixing and matching Elfbeads to craft a uniquely stunning bracelet.

Get 20% OFF when you buy the whole set 🎁

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Silver Charms

We partner with skilled designers from all over the world to create exquisite silver charms. From design to finish, experts use advanced technology and skillful craftsmanship to bring each charm to life.

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Glass beads

We take pride in our glass beads, which are expertly crafted by highly skilled artisans in our very own workshop. We use only the finest glass sourced from around the globe. Our lampwork artists have years of experience and are trained by renowned masters.

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Bangles and bracelets

Elfbeads bangles and bracelets are made of 925 sterling silver and fully compatible with Pandora and Trollbeads

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