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Limited Time Offer

Welcome Gift

Get this marvelous Mother Dragon silver charm as a WELCOME GIFT with your first order of $195+

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  • the offer is for New Customers only
  • the offer is valid while supplies last
  • cannot be combined with other deals

Our famous 4IS5 Deal

Buy 4 Get 1 FREE

Add FIVE regular-priced products to your cart, silver or glass, and one will automatically become FREE. No coupon code is required.

This deal is always on!

Pick 5 Glass Beads Now


20% OFF Design Sets

Shop at our ✨Fantasy Land✨ and get a 20% discount when you buy any ready-to-wear design set

Elfbeads E-Gift Card

The perfect way to share the joy of giving while letting your special someone curate their collection of Elfbeads treasures and celebrate their individuality.

✨Share the magic of Elfbeads!✨

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