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Elfbeads Silver

Elfbeads creates silver charms using nickel-free 925 sterling silver. We partner with skilled designers from all over the world to make exquisite silver charms. From design to finish, experts use advanced technology and skillful craftsmanship to bring each charm to life.
Each charm carries a unique meaning and message, and you can decide what it represents. Elfbeads are compatible with most other bead brands, including Pandora, Trollbeads, and OHM Beads.

Summertime Butterflies-Blue OrangeSummertime Butterflies-Blue Orange
Summertime Butterflies-Purple GreenSummertime Butterflies-Purple Green
Birth Of The FairyBirth Of The Fairy
Birth Of The Fairy Sale price$95.00
The Fern Snail GuardianThe Fern Snail Guardian
The Fern Snail Guardian Sale price$95.00
Quiet WatersQuiet Waters
Quiet Waters Sale price$55.00
The Hidden DoorThe Hidden Door
The Hidden Door Sale price$55.00
Labyrinth SpacerLabyrinth Spacer
Labyrinth Spacer Sale price$45.00
Point Of ViewPoint Of View
Point Of View Sale price$55.00
Mermaid ScalesMermaid Scales
Mermaid Scales Sale price$55.00
Lucky KoiLucky Koi
Lucky Koi Sale price$45.00
Mermaid FountainMermaid Fountain
Mermaid Fountain Sale price$55.00
Bunny's TreasureBunny's Treasure
Bunny's Treasure Sale price$65.00
Eggcellent SparkleEggcellent Sparkle
Eggcellent Sparkle Sale price$65.00
Eggstravagant Gem PinkEggstravagant Gem Pink
Eggstravagant Gem Pink Sale price$65.00
Eggstravagant Gem BlueEggstravagant Gem Blue
Eggstravagant Gem Blue Sale price$65.00
The Sleeping FairyThe Sleeping Fairy
The Sleeping Fairy Sale price$95.00
Make Love Not HuntMake Love Not Hunt
Make Love Not Hunt Sale price$65.00
It Takes Two To MeowIt Takes Two To Meow
It Takes Two To Meow Sale price$65.00
Pegasus Sale price$95.00
Christmas ElfChristmas Elf
Christmas Elf Sale price$65.00
Wish CandleWish Candle
Wish Candle Sale price$45.00
Christmas Snowflake DangleChristmas Snowflake Dangle
Joyful LightsJoyful Lights
Joyful Lights Sale price$55.00
Vineyard EleganceVineyard Elegance
Vineyard Elegance Sale price$65.00
Cozy FireplaceCozy Fireplace
Cozy Fireplace Sale price$65.00
Tea for ThanksgivingTea for Thanksgiving
Tea for Thanksgiving Sale price$65.00
Candle of GratitudeCandle of Gratitude
Candle of Gratitude Sale price$65.00
Haunted HouseHaunted House
Haunted House Sale price$65.00
The NecronomiconThe Necronomicon
The Necronomicon Sale price$65.00
Monster CatMonster Cat
Monster Cat Sale price$65.00
Hamlet GhostHamlet Ghost
Hamlet Ghost Sale price$55.00
Rosemary SkullsRosemary Skulls
Rosemary Skulls Sale price$55.00
Thyme SkullsThyme Skulls
Thyme Skulls Sale price$55.00
Althea the WitchAlthea the Witch
Althea the Witch Sale price$55.00
Purple NightmarePurple Nightmare
Purple Nightmare Sale price$65.00
The ElementsThe Elements
The Elements Sale price$45.00
Wheel of PoisonWheel of Poison
Wheel of Poison Sale price$45.00
Magic Garden Forget-Me-NotMagic Garden Forget-Me-Not
Pansies Sale price$45.00
Spring CottageSpring Cottage
Spring Cottage Sale price$55.00
Ice BirdIce Bird
Ice Bird Sale price$65.00
Sold out
Frog AdventureFrog Adventure
Frog Adventure Sale price$59.00
Sold out
Gem DragonGem Dragon
Gem Dragon Sale price$65.00
Andromeda GalaxyAndromeda Galaxy
Andromeda Galaxy Sale price$55.00
Magellanic CloudsMagellanic Clouds
Magellanic Clouds Sale price$59.00
Shooting StarShooting Star
Shooting Star Sale price$55.00
Starlight Sale price$55.00
The Cosmic FrogThe Cosmic Frog
The Cosmic Frog Sale price$59.00