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Our Company

Welcome To Elfbeads

Hello there! My name is Mila, and I am the proud owner of Elfbeads. I extend a warm welcome to you to come and explore our incredible world of beautiful beads.

Elfbeads is a magical place where art becomes a portal to the limitless realm of fantasy.

We create exquisite, handmade beads inspired by the fantastic world we adore. Each bead is a unique artisan treasure we have put our hearts and imagination into.

About Us

  • Elfbeads is a family-owned company based in SEATTLE, WA, USA.ย 

  • Elfbeads has been delivering unmatched beauty to its clients since its establishment in 2013.

  • We ship worldwide from our warehouses in USA and EU.

  • Elfbeads are compatible with other bead brands, including Pandora and Trollbeads.

  • We make the most beautiful beads on earth! โœจ

Our Mission

At Elfbeads, we believe that every day should be filled with joy and wonder. Our mission is to bring a touch of magic to your life, one stunning bead at a time.ย 

We strive to inspire and uplift, to remind you that beauty is all around us and that happiness is within reach.

We invite you to step into our Secret Garden, a place where passion, inspiration, magic, dedication, and fantasy intertwine and where every creation is a testament to our commitment to beauty and love.

Our Story

As a stay-at-home mother of three, I often searched for a source of energy to fulfill me. As I discovered the world of artisan jewelry,ย it became my own Secret Place where I could peacefully enjoy the delightful colors, create a bracelet design, take it to the sun, and breathe in the beauty. The colors would carry me away, recharge me, and fill me with energy, creativity, and love. Beads became my passion; with time, my husband and I dedicated our lives to Elfbeads.

We are a US-based, family-owned brand with a rich history. Elfbeads was originally founded in the Netherlands in 2013 and became well-known for its stunning glass and personalized customer service. In 2021, my family took over the brand, and we retained the best of Elfbeads while continuing to evolve it into the world's most magical and beautiful bead brand.

We set the highest quality standards for our silver and glass beads. We partnered with skilled designers worldwide to create exquisite silver charms of unparalleled quality. From design to finish, our experts use advanced technology and skillful craftsmanship.

We take pride in our glass beads, which are expertly crafted by highly skilled artisans in our very own workshop. We use only the finest glass sourced from all over the world. Our lampwork artists, with their years of experience and training under renowned masters, are the heart and soul of our brand. They are our full-time magic elves, bringing our beads to life.

When you hold our beads, you're holding a piece of our passion, dedication, and creativity. Each bead is infused with the magic of our relentless pursuit of excellence. Feel the energy, love, and story woven into every bead, igniting a spark of inspiration within you to create, dream, and relish the incredible world around you.




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