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Elfbeads Glass

We take pride in our glass beads, which are expertly crafted by highly skilled artisans in our very own workshop. We use only the finest glass sourced from from all over the world. Our lampwork artists have years of experience and are trained by renowned masters.
Elfbeads extensive range of designs and colors are sure to inspire your imagination and creativity. You can mix and match Elfbeads with any other bead brand, including Pandora and Trollbeads, to create a stunning and personalized jewelry piece.

Ribbon Allure TwigsRibbon Allure Twigs
Ribbon Allure Twigs Sale price$55.00
Moonlit Swan Lake RomanceMoonlit Swan Lake Romance
Moonlit Swan Lake Romance Sale price$55.00
Swan Enchanted SonataSwan Enchanted Sonata
Swan Enchanted Sonata Sale price$55.00
Swan Moonlight SonataSwan Moonlight Sonata
Swan Moonlight Sonata Sale price$55.00
Luna's Sapphire FlowerLuna's Sapphire Flower
Luna's Sapphire Flower Sale price$46.00
Azure Moonlit GardenAzure Moonlit Garden
Azure Moonlit Garden Sale price$46.00
Midnight Princess RoseMidnight Princess Rose
Midnight Princess Rose Sale price$46.00
Icy Twilight RoseIcy Twilight Rose
Icy Twilight Rose Sale price$46.00
Royal Blue SwirlstoneRoyal Blue Swirlstone
Royal Blue Swirlstone Sale price$46.00
Graceful SwirlstoneGraceful Swirlstone
Graceful Swirlstone Sale price$46.00
Moonflower SwirlstoneMoonflower Swirlstone
Moonflower Swirlstone Sale price$46.00
Moonlit Shimmer DandelionsMoonlit Shimmer Dandelions
Bloom SonataBloom Sonata
Bloom Sonata Sale price$46.00
Enchanted BloomEnchanted Bloom
Enchanted Bloom Sale price$46.00
Secret Garden Midnight PathSecret Garden Midnight Path
Secret Garden Mystery BlossomSecret Garden Mystery Blossom
Serenity ScalesSerenity Scales
Serenity Scales Sale price$41.00
Passionate ScalesPassionate Scales
Passionate Scales Sale price$41.00
Royal Blue ScalesRoyal Blue Scales
Royal Blue Scales Sale price$41.00
Graceful ScalesGraceful Scales
Graceful Scales Sale price$41.00
Daydreaming TripetualDaydreaming Tripetual
Daydreaming Tripetual Sale price$46.00
Graceful TripetualGraceful Tripetual
Graceful Tripetual Sale price$46.00
Moonflower TripetualMoonflower Tripetual
Moonflower Tripetual Sale price$46.00
Red Poppies GolddustRed Poppies Golddust
Red Poppies Golddust Sale price$46.00
Justice StarsJustice Stars
Justice Stars Sale price$44.00
Courage StarsCourage Stars
Courage Stars Sale price$44.00
Porcelain FlowertwigPorcelain Flowertwig
Porcelain Flowertwig Sale price$44.00
Terracota FlowertwigTerracota Flowertwig
Terracota Flowertwig Sale price$44.00
Serenity Flower SnailsSerenity Flower Snails
Serenity Flower Snails Sale price$46.00
Snail Meadow DelightSnail Meadow Delight
Snail Meadow Delight Sale price$46.00
Bonding TrailBonding Trail
Bonding Trail Sale price$46.00
Summertime Blossom SnailsSummertime Blossom Snails
Summertime Blossom Snails Sale price$46.00
Secret Garden Fairy PondSecret Garden Fairy Pond
Secret Garden Fairy Pond Sale price$39.00
Darkwater Poppy SecretDarkwater Poppy Secret
Darkwater Poppy Secret Sale price$39.00
Enchanted Forest Elixir-RedEnchanted Forest Elixir-Red
Enchanted Forest Elixir-OrangeEnchanted Forest Elixir-Orange
Mushroom Oasis-RedMushroom Oasis-Red
Mushroom Oasis-Red Sale price$46.00
Mushroom Oasis-OrangeMushroom Oasis-Orange
Mushroom Oasis-Orange Sale price$46.00
Amur LeopardAmur Leopard
Amur Leopard Sale price$39.00
Bengal TigerBengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger Sale price$39.00
Golden White TigerGolden White Tiger
Golden White Tiger Sale price$39.00
Snow LeopardSnow Leopard
Snow Leopard Sale price$39.00
Koi Flowerpond-Crimson Lily BlossomKoi Flowerpond-Crimson Lily Blossom
Koi Flowerpond-Pure Lily BlossomKoi Flowerpond-Pure Lily Blossom
Koi Flowerpond-Sapphire Lily BlossomKoi Flowerpond-Sapphire Lily Blossom
Sold out
Honeybee HarmonyHoneybee Harmony
Honeybee Harmony Sale price$44.00
Sunburst DottySunburst Dotty
Sunburst Dotty Sale price$39.00
Ladybug Serenity BloomLadybug Serenity Bloom
Ladybug Serenity Bloom Sale price$44.00