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Elfbeads Glass

We take pride in our glass beads, which are expertly crafted by highly skilled artisans in our very own workshop. We use only the finest glass sourced from from all over the world. Our lampwork artists have years of experience and are trained by renowned masters.
Elfbeads extensive range of designs and colors are sure to inspire your imagination and creativity. You can mix and match Elfbeads with any other bead brand, including Pandora and Trollbeads, to create a stunning and personalized jewelry piece.

Cerulean Sunset BloomCerulean Sunset Bloom
Cerulean Sunset Bloom Sale price$44.00
Dragon Eyes RebirthDragon Eyes Rebirth
Dragon Eyes Rebirth Sale price$44.00
Dragon Eyes LoveDragon Eyes Love
Dragon Eyes Love Sale price$44.00
Dragon Eyes SerenityDragon Eyes Serenity
Dragon Eyes Serenity Sale price$44.00
Dragon Eyes ProsperityDragon Eyes Prosperity
Dragon Eyes Prosperity Sale price$44.00
Christmas Lights StarlightChristmas Lights Starlight
Christmas Lights Starlight RedChristmas Lights Starlight Red
Christmas Lights Starlight GreenChristmas Lights Starlight Green
Christmas Lights Starlight BlueChristmas Lights Starlight Blue
Christmas ReindeerChristmas Reindeer
Christmas Reindeer Sale price$44.00
Christmas Cherry LollipopChristmas Cherry Lollipop
Christmas Cherry Lollipop Sale price$39.00
Mint Candy CaneMint Candy Cane
Mint Candy Cane Sale price$39.00
Starry Night Snow StormStarry Night Snow Storm
Starry Night Snow Storm Sale price$44.00
Christmas Miracle Snow StormChristmas Miracle Snow Storm
Ocean Petals SnowOcean Petals Snow
Ocean Petals Snow Sale price$39.00
Winter Petals SnowWinter Petals Snow
Winter Petals Snow Sale price$39.00
Apple Petals SnowApple Petals Snow
Apple Petals Snow Sale price$39.00
Sunny Petals SnowSunny Petals Snow
Sunny Petals Snow Sale price$39.00
Tangerin Petals SnowTangerin Petals Snow
Tangerin Petals Snow Sale price$39.00
Rose Petals SnowRose Petals Snow
Rose Petals Snow Sale price$39.00
Sakura Petals SnowSakura Petals Snow
Sakura Petals Snow Sale price$39.00
Milky Way Winter DreamMilky Way Winter Dream
Milky Way Winter Dream Sale price$44.00
Galaxy Flowers AllureGalaxy Flowers Allure
Galaxy Flowers Allure Sale price$44.00
Emerald Night WonderEmerald Night Wonder
Emerald Night Wonder Sale price$44.00
Oak Leaves Sunset GolddustOak Leaves Sunset Golddust
Oak Leaves Midnight ShimmerOak Leaves Midnight Shimmer
Rowan Berries GolddustRowan Berries Golddust
Rowan Berries Golddust Sale price$44.00
Royal Grapes GolddustRoyal Grapes Golddust
Royal Grapes Golddust Sale price$44.00
Muscat Grapes GolddustMuscat Grapes Golddust
Muscat Grapes Golddust Sale price$44.00
Firebird Feather MonroeFirebird Feather Monroe
Firebird Feather Monroe Sale price$44.00
Turkey Feather MonroeTurkey Feather Monroe
Turkey Feather Monroe Sale price$44.00
Phoenix Feather MonroePhoenix Feather Monroe
Phoenix Feather Monroe Sale price$44.00
Heaven Bird Feather MonroeHeaven Bird Feather Monroe
Falcon Feather SproutFalcon Feather Sprout
Falcon Feather Sprout Sale price$39.00
Peacock Feather SproutPeacock Feather Sprout
Peacock Feather Sprout Sale price$39.00
Heaven Bird Feather SproutHeaven Bird Feather Sprout
Phoenix Feather SproutPhoenix Feather Sprout
Phoenix Feather Sprout Sale price$39.00
Skykissed Fall Leaves GolddustSkykissed Fall Leaves Golddust
Feather Leaves Golden ForestFeather Leaves Golden Forest
Grass Carpet Leaves GolddustGrass Carpet Leaves Golddust
Sunkissed Forest Leaves GolddustSunkissed Forest Leaves Golddust
Fall Sky Leaves GolddustFall Sky Leaves Golddust
Fall Sky Leaves Golddust Sale price$39.00
Rosehip FruitRosehip Fruit
Rosehip Fruit Sale price$39.00
Ocean Swamp JellyOcean Swamp Jelly
Ocean Swamp Jelly Sale price$39.00
Swamp JellySwamp Jelly
Swamp Jelly Sale price$39.00
Midnight Magic ChandelierMidnight Magic Chandelier
Midnight Magic Chandelier Sale price$44.00
Slime PotionSlime Potion
Slime Potion Sale price$44.00
Swamp Witch Cauldron MonroeSwamp Witch Cauldron Monroe