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Elfbeads Silver

Elfbeads creates silver charms using nickel-free 925 sterling silver. We partner with skilled designers from all over the world to make exquisite silver charms. From design to finish, experts use advanced technology and skillful craftsmanship to bring each charm to life.
Each charm carries a unique meaning and message, and you can decide what it represents. Elfbeads are compatible with most other bead brands, including Pandora, Trollbeads, and OHM Beads.

Magellanic CloudsMagellanic Clouds
Magellanic Clouds Sale price$59.00
Shooting StarShooting Star
Shooting Star Sale price$55.00
Starlight Sale price$55.00
The Cosmic FrogThe Cosmic Frog
The Cosmic Frog Sale price$59.00
Astronauts Sale price$55.00
Rose SkullRose Skull
Rose Skull Sale price$55.00
Rose Skull FlowerhugsRose Skull Flowerhugs
Rose Skull Flowerhugs Sale price$65.00
Witch's CottageWitch's Cottage
Witch's Cottage Sale price$55.00
Red Spider Lily PotionRed Spider Lily Potion
Red Spider Lily Potion Sale price$55.00
Pumpkin ScarecrowPumpkin Scarecrow
Pumpkin Scarecrow Sale price$55.00
Sold out
Bats Sale price$45.00
Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure
Hidden Treasure Sale price$55.00
Sold out
Treasure Seeker of The OceanTreasure Seeker of The Ocean
Paradise of JellyfishParadise of Jellyfish
Paradise of Jellyfish Sale price$119.00
Peaceful EarthPeaceful Earth
Peaceful Earth Sale price$59.00
Playful DolphinsPlayful Dolphins
Playful Dolphins Sale price$55.00
Seashell Turtles StopperSeashell Turtles Stopper
Seashell Turtles Stopper Sale price$55.00
Waves SpacerWaves Spacer
Waves Spacer Sale price$45.00
Paradise NestParadise Nest
Paradise Nest Sale price$55.00
Lotus Leaf CapLotus Leaf Cap
Lotus Leaf Cap Sale price$45.00
Lily of The ValleyLily of The Valley
Lily of The Valley Sale price$45.00
Mother DragonMother Dragon
Mother Dragon Sale price$65.00
Sold out
Roses Dangle V2Roses Dangle V2
Roses Dangle V2 Sale price$55.00
Baroque Dangle V2Baroque Dangle V2
Baroque Dangle V2 Sale price$55.00
Constellations SWGPConstellations SWGP
Constellations SWGP Sale price$59.00
Cherry BlossomsCherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms Sale price$45.00
Sold out
Bluebells Sale price$45.00
Teapot NestTeapot Nest
Teapot Nest Sale price$55.00
Elegant Bell FlowerElegant Bell Flower
Elegant Bell Flower Sale price$45.00
Magnolia FlowerhugsMagnolia Flowerhugs
Magnolia Flowerhugs Sale price$65.00
The Gift Of Spring - SilverThe Gift Of Spring - Silver
The Gift Of Spring - PearlThe Gift Of Spring - Pearl
Roses SRGPRoses SRGP
Roses SRGP Sale price$45.00
Forever Lilies SRGPForever Lilies SRGP
Forever Lilies SRGP Sale price$45.00
Sold out
Forever LiliesForever Lilies
Forever Lilies Sale price$45.00
Sold out
Cherry Blossom SpacerCherry Blossom Spacer
Cherry Blossom Spacer Sale price$45.00
Love BearLove Bear
Love Bear Sale price$55.00
Eternity RosesEternity Roses
Eternity Roses Sale price$59.00
Sold out
Hummingbird Flower DangleHummingbird Flower Dangle
Hummingbird Flower Dangle Sale price$45.00
Sold out
Precious LovePrecious Love
Precious Love Sale price$55.00
Clouds Sale price$45.00
Tiger-Dragon Sale price$55.00
Pure LovePure Love
Pure Love Sale price$55.00
Constellations Sale price$59.00
Winter CottageWinter Cottage
Winter Cottage Sale price$55.00
Mrs TomteMrs Tomte
Mrs Tomte Sale price$55.00
Peacock Sale price$45.00
Sold out
Row of PumpkinsRow of Pumpkins
Row of Pumpkins Sale price$45.00