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Magic Garden Forget-Me-Not

Sale price$45.00

In the heart of the Magic Garden, there bloomed a delicate flower named Forget-Me-Not. Its unique power was to halt the onset of autumn when it bloomed during summer's last days.

As autumn approached, Forget-Me-Not unfurled its radiant blue petals, and the garden was frozen in time. Leaves stayed green, bees buzzed, and butterflies danced.

But Autumn, a mischievous fairy, grew impatient and stole Forget-Me-Not's magic. The garden withered. Yet, the garden's love and unity revived Forget-Me-Not, and it reclaimed its magic.

Summer prevailed, and the Magic Garden thrived, reminding all that love and unity could keep the warmth of summer alive, even when autumn beckoned.

Our silver beads are made from the highest quality silver and are nickel free. Each bead is marked with E925. This logo stands for Elfbeads and sterling silver 925. If you want to be sure if your bead is an original Elfbeads, you can check the logo in the core.

Magic Garden Forget-Me-Not
Magic Garden Forget-Me-Not Sale price$45.00