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Celebration Collection

Every day, we find reasons, big and small, to be grateful. In our Celebration collection, dedicated to Thanksgiving, we cherish the joys of the fall season and nature's gifts.

Imagine the Secret Garden during the golden harvest, where our Elves gather to admire magical birds—peacocks, firebirds, phoenixes, and colorful turkeys. They bring their unique beauty, sparkle, and enchantment. We serve grapes with warm Rosehip tea, and birds sing and dance, casting their stunning feathers. After nightfall, our Elves collect these feathers and leaves, sprinkling them with fairy dust to create wonderful glass beads. These beads hold a touch of luck and a dash of enchantment.

We're thrilled to share this magical moment with you. Thank you for being a part of our journey and filling Elfbeads world with love and magic!

Save $49.00
Cozy Fireplace Design Set
Cozy Fireplace Design Set Sale price$192.00 Regular price$241.00
Save $49.00
Tea For Thanksgiving Design Set
Tea For Thanksgiving Design Set Sale price$192.00 Regular price$241.00
Save $32.00
Feather Sprouts Design Set
Feather Sprouts Design Set Sale price$124.00 Regular price$156.00
Save $39.00
Golden Leaves Design Set
Golden Leaves Design Set Sale price$156.00 Regular price$195.00
Save $47.00
Candle Of Gratitude Design Set
Candle Of Gratitude Design Set Sale price$184.00 Regular price$231.00
Save $31.00
Vineyard Elegance Design Set
Vineyard Elegance Design Set Sale price$122.00 Regular price$153.00
Candle of GratitudeCandle of Gratitude
Candle of Gratitude Sale price$65.00
Tea for ThanksgivingTea for Thanksgiving
Tea for Thanksgiving Sale price$65.00
Cozy FireplaceCozy Fireplace
Cozy Fireplace Sale price$65.00
Vineyard EleganceVineyard Elegance
Vineyard Elegance Sale price$65.00
Royal Grapes GolddustRoyal Grapes Golddust
Royal Grapes Golddust Sale price$44.00
Muscat Grapes GolddustMuscat Grapes Golddust
Muscat Grapes Golddust Sale price$44.00
Rowan Berries GolddustRowan Berries Golddust
Rowan Berries Golddust Sale price$44.00
Rosehip FruitRosehip Fruit
Rosehip Fruit Sale price$39.00
Oak Leaves Midnight ShimmerOak Leaves Midnight Shimmer
Oak Leaves Sunset GolddustOak Leaves Sunset Golddust
Peacock Feather SproutPeacock Feather Sprout
Peacock Feather Sprout Sale price$39.00
Phoenix Feather SproutPhoenix Feather Sprout
Phoenix Feather Sprout Sale price$39.00
Falcon Feather SproutFalcon Feather Sprout
Falcon Feather Sprout Sale price$39.00
Heaven Bird Feather SproutHeaven Bird Feather Sprout
Turkey Feather MonroeTurkey Feather Monroe
Turkey Feather Monroe Sale price$44.00
Phoenix Feather MonroePhoenix Feather Monroe
Phoenix Feather Monroe Sale price$44.00
Firebird Feather MonroeFirebird Feather Monroe
Firebird Feather Monroe Sale price$44.00
Heaven Bird Feather MonroeHeaven Bird Feather Monroe
Skykissed Fall Leaves GolddustSkykissed Fall Leaves Golddust
Fall Sky Leaves GolddustFall Sky Leaves Golddust
Fall Sky Leaves Golddust Sale price$39.00
Sunkissed Forest Leaves GolddustSunkissed Forest Leaves Golddust
Feather Leaves Golden ForestFeather Leaves Golden Forest
Grass Carpet Leaves GolddustGrass Carpet Leaves Golddust