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Sunkissed Forest Leaves Golddust

Sale price$39.00

Enter the enchanting world of the Sunkissed Forest Leaves Golddust glass bead, where the rich, orange-red canvas of autumn provides the stage for leaves adorned in luscious shades of juicy orange with a delicate touch of white. This bead unveils the magical story of a forest bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun, where nature's colors unite in a serene and picturesque fall scene, capturing the timeless beauty of the season.

All our glass beads are made with the highest quality glass, sourced from all over the world. All our beads have a silver core with a 5 mm hole that fits all European bead brands. Our cores are marked with E925. This logo stands for Elfbeads and sterling silver 925.

Sunkissed Forest Leaves Golddust
Sunkissed Forest Leaves Golddust Sale price$39.00