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Winter Cottage

Sale price$55.00

When the winter holidays are left behind, it’s time to find a place for all the beautiful memories and a place to spend the rest of the winter. Our Winter Cottage symbolizes the most wonderful and magical holidays of the year when we spend time surrounded by our loved ones - this is what we call home.

Winter Cottage is also a house where Mrs Tomte lives with her family on vacation. Don’t be surprised to find her on the same bracelet as the cottage. And who knows what comes next – maybe Mr. Tomte and kids will join her soon.

Our silver beads are made from the highest quality silver and are nickel free. Each bead is marked with E925. This logo stands for Elfbeads and sterling silver 925. If you want to be sure if your bead is an original Elfbeads, you can check the logo in the core.

Winter Cottage
Winter Cottage Sale price$55.00