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Golden White Tiger

Sale price$39.00

The Golden White Tiger Glass Bead is inspired by the mythical White Tiger, revered in ancient lore as a symbol of power, wisdom, and protection. This bead's blend of golden, white, orange, and black stripes evokes the spirit of the untamed wilderness, where legend meets reality.

As we celebrate Earth Day, let the Golden White Tiger bead remind us of the delicate balance between humanity and nature and the importance of preserving our planet's biodiversity. Like the guardian of the forest, this bead invites us to embrace our role as stewards of the Earth, nurturing and protecting the wonders surrounding us.

Wear the Golden White Tiger Glass Bead as a talisman of strength and harmony, a reminder that every action we take can make a difference in safeguarding the natural world for future generations

All our glass beads are made with the highest quality glass, sourced from all over the world. All our beads have a silver core with a 5 mm hole that fits all European bead brands. Our cores are marked with E925. This logo stands for Elfbeads and sterling silver 925.

Golden White Tiger
Golden White Tiger Sale price$39.00