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Late Summer Breeze

Do you hear the music of the fall or is it a late summer breeze melody?
To me it’s all about flowers, music, melody of the nature itself. It’s about late summer sunsets. About saying goodbye to something beautiful, but opening yourself to something new. The collection is very romantic. The collection breathes with love. It is alive and speaks to you. What do you hear?
Keep dreaming and enjoy the gifts of nature with the Late Summer Breeze collection!

Save $65.00
Late Summer Breeze Design Set 01Late Summer Breeze Design Set 01
Late Summer Breeze Design Set 01 Sale price$256.00 Regular price$321.00
Save $71.00
Late Summer Breeze Design Set 02
Late Summer Breeze Design Set 02 Sale price$283.00 Regular price$354.00
Save $47.00
Late Summer Breeze Design Set 03Late Summer Breeze Design Set 03
Late Summer Breeze Design Set 03 Sale price$184.00 Regular price$231.00
Save $47.00
Late Summer Breeze Design Set 04Late Summer Breeze Design Set 04
Late Summer Breeze Design Set 04 Sale price$184.00 Regular price$231.00
Sold outSave $53.00
Mila The Caterpillar Design Set
Mila The Caterpillar Design Set Sale price$210.00 Regular price$263.00
Mila The CaterpillarMila The Caterpillar
Mila The Caterpillar Sale price$79.00
Song Of A ButterflySong Of A Butterfly
Song Of A Butterfly Sale price$59.00
Ginkgo BarrelGinkgo Barrel
Ginkgo Barrel Sale price$59.00
Bed of RosesBed of Roses
Bed of Roses Sale price$55.00
Windmill Sale price$55.00
Mystic PeonyMystic Peony
Mystic Peony Sale price$55.00
Music SpacerMusic Spacer
Music Spacer Sale price$45.00
Sold out
Summer WavesSummer Waves
Summer Waves Sale price$45.00
Grass Fantasy FlowerfieldGrass Fantasy Flowerfield
Grass Fantasy Flowerfield Sale price$44.00
Summer Night FlowerfieldSummer Night Flowerfield
Summer Night Flowerfield Sale price$44.00
Flower Kiss FlowerfieldFlower Kiss Flowerfield
Flower Kiss Flowerfield Sale price$44.00
Sunset Magic FlowerfieldSunset Magic Flowerfield
Sunset Magic Flowerfield Sale price$44.00
Lavender Flower PebbleLavender Flower Pebble
Lavender Flower Pebble Sale price$44.00
Sea Oil FlowerpoolsSea Oil Flowerpools
Sea Oil Flowerpools Sale price$44.00
Paradise FlowerpoolsParadise Flowerpools
Paradise Flowerpools Sale price$44.00
Galaxy Garden World FractalGalaxy Garden World Fractal
Azure - Elfbeads USAzure - Elfbeads US
Azure Sale price$44.00
Rusty Sale price$44.00
Heritage Flowerpainting DonutHeritage Flowerpainting Donut
Lavender Sale price$44.00
Candy Sale price$44.00
Ocean Oil FlowerpoolsOcean Oil Flowerpools
Ocean Oil Flowerpools Sale price$44.00
Sunday Fantasy Flower World FractalSunday Fantasy Flower World Fractal
Mystic Dewdrops FrostMystic Dewdrops Frost
Mystic Dewdrops Frost Sale price$39.00
Forget-Me-Not MonetForget-Me-Not Monet
Forget-Me-Not Monet Sale price$44.00
Sunkissed MonetSunkissed Monet
Sunkissed Monet Sale price$44.00
Jungle MonetJungle Monet
Jungle Monet Sale price$44.00
Violet Dream MonetViolet Dream Monet
Violet Dream Monet Sale price$44.00
Cosmic Blue MonetCosmic Blue Monet
Cosmic Blue Monet Sale price$44.00
Old Lavender MonetOld Lavender Monet
Old Lavender Monet Sale price$44.00
Late Summer DragonLate Summer Dragon
Late Summer Dragon Sale price$55.00
Save $48.00
Summer Melody Design Set
Summer Melody Design Set Sale price$189.00 Regular price$237.00