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Elfbeads Galaxy Collection

Take a trip through the Cosmos and admire the beauty of distant worlds with the Elfbeads Galaxy Collection!

Their light is billion years away; they seem to be small, but they are gigantic. Nearly impossible to comprehend, but we are all made of tiny particles of stardust. Billions of stars are floating in the universe. Like us, each has its personality and unique traits and shines till the last day of life. We are here to observe the light, admire, dream, analyze or sometimes reach the sky and catch a falling star. Stars are an endless source of inspiration!

Every night we are stunned and hypnotized by the magnificent beauty of the sky. Dream big and always remember - our life is a precious gift and only a flash of light in the endless universe. We all are stars on Earth!

Save $69.00
Icy Clouds Galaxy Design Set
Icy Clouds Galaxy Design Set Sale price$274.00 Regular price$343.00
Save $52.00
Cosmic Eyes Design Set
Cosmic Eyes Design Set Sale price$205.00 Regular price$257.00
Sold outSave $63.00
Nebula Golddust Design Set
Nebula Golddust Design Set Sale price$250.00 Regular price$313.00
Save $46.00
Synergy Design Set
Synergy Design Set Sale price$181.00 Regular price$227.00
Magellanic CloudsMagellanic Clouds
Magellanic Clouds Sale price$59.00
Andromeda GalaxyAndromeda Galaxy
Andromeda Galaxy Sale price$55.00
Shooting StarShooting Star
Shooting Star Sale price$55.00
Star Aurora StarlightStar Aurora Starlight
Star Aurora Starlight Sale price$39.00
Synergy WorldSynergy World
Synergy World Sale price$49.00
Synergy Sale price$44.00
Cosmic Eyes WorldCosmic Eyes World
Cosmic Eyes World Sale price$49.00
Sold out
Cosmic EyesCosmic Eyes
Cosmic Eyes Sale price$44.00
Nebula Golddust WorldNebula Golddust World
Nebula Golddust World Sale price$49.00
Nebula GolddustNebula Golddust
Nebula Golddust Sale price$39.00
Ocean Storm Galaxy World FractalOcean Storm Galaxy World Fractal
Sold out
Ocean Storm Galaxy FractalOcean Storm Galaxy Fractal
White Dwarf Galaxy World FractalWhite Dwarf Galaxy World Fractal
White Dwarf Galaxy FractalWhite Dwarf Galaxy Fractal
Red Giant Galaxy World FractalRed Giant Galaxy World Fractal
Sold out
Red Giant Galaxy FractalRed Giant Galaxy Fractal
Red Giant Galaxy Fractal Sale price$46.00
Milky Way Galaxy World FractalMilky Way Galaxy World Fractal
Milky Way Galaxy FractalMilky Way Galaxy Fractal
Milky Way Galaxy Fractal Sale price$46.00
Icy Clouds Galaxy World FractalIcy Clouds Galaxy World Fractal
Sold out
Icy Clouds Galaxy FractalIcy Clouds Galaxy Fractal
Icy Clouds Galaxy Fractal Sale price$46.00
Sold out
Nebula Star MonroeNebula Star Monroe
Nebula Star Monroe Sale price$39.00
Galaxy Blues Monroe FractalGalaxy Blues Monroe Fractal
Save $66.00
Cosmic Frog Design Set
Cosmic Frog Design Set Sale price$262.00 Regular price$328.00
Save $70.00
Galaxy Dragons Design Set
Galaxy Dragons Design Set Sale price$279.00 Regular price$349.00
Sold outSave $45.00
Starlight Design Set
Starlight Design Set Sale price$180.00 Regular price$225.00
Sold outSave $44.00
Pleiades Blue World Design Set
Pleiades Blue World Design Set Sale price$175.00 Regular price$219.00
Save $70.00
Emerald Ring Galaxy Design Set
Emerald Ring Galaxy Design Set Sale price$277.00 Regular price$347.00
The Cosmic FrogThe Cosmic Frog
The Cosmic Frog Sale price$59.00
Astronauts Sale price$55.00
Starlight Sale price$55.00
Galaxy DragonGalaxy Dragon
Galaxy Dragon Sale price$55.00
Space StormSpace Storm
Space Storm Sale price$44.00
Sold out
Galaxy FlowertwigGalaxy Flowertwig
Galaxy Flowertwig Sale price$44.00
Dream Stargaze World FractalDream Stargaze World Fractal
Sunflower Golddust Galaxy World FractalSunflower Golddust Galaxy World Fractal
Sunflower Golddust Galaxy FractalSunflower Golddust Galaxy Fractal
Sold out
Mystic Red Galaxy World FractalMystic Red Galaxy World Fractal
Mystic Red Galaxy FractalMystic Red Galaxy Fractal
Mystic Red Galaxy Fractal Sale price$46.00
Cosmic Wonderland World FractalCosmic Wonderland World Fractal
Cosmic Wonderland FractalCosmic Wonderland Fractal
Cosmic Wonderland Fractal Sale price$46.00
Space Bubbles World FractalSpace Bubbles World Fractal
Space Bubbles FractalSpace Bubbles Fractal
Space Bubbles Fractal Sale price$46.00
Violet Cosmic StarsViolet Cosmic Stars
Violet Cosmic Stars Sale price$39.00
Galaxy Dream StarsGalaxy Dream Stars
Galaxy Dream Stars Sale price$39.00