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Elfbeads Classics

Elfbeads Classics is a series of the most striking, sophisticated, elegant, timeless designs we ever produced. These signature designs are the core of the brand, which brought Elfbeads worldwide popularity. Designs that nothing compares with.

Here are the beads you will recognize at the first glance, you always want to collect, mix and match. Meet Elfbeads Flowertwigs, Tripetuals, Flowerstones, Fieldstones, and more! Celebrate Elfbeads, celebrate beauty and style, art and talent!

Sweet Night TripetualSweet Night Tripetual
Sweet Night Tripetual Sale price$44.00
Full Moon TripetualFull Moon Tripetual
Full Moon Tripetual Sale price$44.00
Grand TripetualGrand Tripetual
Grand Tripetual Sale price$44.00
Haute Tripetual
Haute Tripetual Sale price$44.00
Sold out
Magic TripetualMagic Tripetual
Magic Tripetual Sale price$44.00