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Dragons Collection

Dragons is our mesmerizing collection honoring the spirit of the Lunar New Year. Explore Dragon Eyes—serene blues, prosperous yellows, vibrant greens, and passionate reds.

Each bead embodies qualities and emotions, intertwining myth and craftsmanship. Discover the magic within Dragon Eyes, alongside Tiger Dragon, Constellations, and Mother Dragon, celebrating prosperity, joy, and good fortune.

Save $49.00
Dragon Eyes Design Set
Dragon Eyes Design Set Sale price$192.00 Regular price$241.00
Mother DragonMother Dragon
Mother Dragon Sale price$65.00
Dragon Eyes RebirthDragon Eyes Rebirth
Dragon Eyes Rebirth Sale price$44.00
Dragon Eyes LoveDragon Eyes Love
Dragon Eyes Love Sale price$44.00
Dragon Eyes SerenityDragon Eyes Serenity
Dragon Eyes Serenity Sale price$44.00
Dragon Eyes ProsperityDragon Eyes Prosperity
Dragon Eyes Prosperity Sale price$44.00
Tiger-Dragon Sale price$55.00
Clouds Sale price$45.00
Constellations SWGPConstellations SWGP
Constellations SWGP Sale price$59.00
Constellations Sale price$59.00
Fire DragonFire Dragon
Fire Dragon Sale price$55.00
Sea DragonSea Dragon
Sea Dragon Sale price$55.00
Sunny DragonSunny Dragon
Sunny Dragon Sale price$55.00
Forest DragonForest Dragon
Forest Dragon Sale price$55.00
Ice DragonIce Dragon
Ice Dragon Sale price$55.00
Late Summer DragonLate Summer Dragon
Late Summer Dragon Sale price$55.00
Cherry Blossom DragonCherry Blossom Dragon
Cherry Blossom Dragon Sale price$55.00
Galaxy DragonGalaxy Dragon
Galaxy Dragon Sale price$55.00
Sea DragonSea Dragon
Sea Dragon Sale price$55.00
Sold out
Gem DragonGem Dragon
Gem Dragon Sale price$65.00
Save $56.00
Dragons Design Set 01Dragons Design Set 01
Dragons Design Set 01 Sale price$223.00 Regular price$279.00
Save $73.00
Dragons Design Set 02Dragons Design Set 02
Dragons Design Set 02 Sale price$292.00 Regular price$365.00