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Valentine’s Day Themed Designs

Happy Valentine’s Day Elfies!

In honor of the holiday, I was inspired to create some Valentine’s Day themed bracelet designs.  I envisioned something romantic, whimsical, floral, and of course something with hearts.  

The first bead I had in mind was the Rose Heart bead.  I love how light and intricate this bead is.  The roses and stems are strategically placed, allowing for a very “open” design.  I decided to keep this a floral design by using the Soft Rose Monroe LE and Blush Summer Blossoms glass beads.  I felt like it needed another pop of silver, and the Roses spacers fit the design perfectly!

Rose Heart Bracelet Design

Sticking to the pink theme, I really wanted a whimsical design made up of just glass beads.  Prior to collecting Elfbeads, my designs always consisted of primarily silvers, with glass beads as accents.  Elfbeads glass are so beautiful and detailed, they work perfectly as the overall design.  This design has a lot of texture and dimensions within the glass I chose.  Starting with the centerpiece, Winter Culture LE, it’s more or less a smooth bead, however the various colors of pink and the white flowers add a special pop.  The 3D rose gold sparkle flower center creates just the perfect amount of texture.  Winter Culture is a new bead to my collection, and I must say, it is one of my faves!  The varying color reminded me of the shades in the Candy Crush Fractal bead, so I decided to use them to frame Winter Culture.  The fractal cut continued to add new dimension to this design.  Last but not least, I added the Crocusberry Flowerrank to this design. Again, elements of the pink found in the other beads are present in the core of this bead allowing for a cohesive design. Crocusberry Flowerrank also added more texture as it has the glass raised flowers on top of the bead.

Valentine’s Day Glass Design

I was really excited to create a Valentine’s design with the new releases, Pure Love and Clouds.  I wanted something different than the obvious reds and pinks, and I was really inspired by the Eighties Gaya bead.  As a collector, its easy for beads to get lost in your collection, and I was reminded of this bead while I was browsing the Retired Beads Sale that Elfbeads is currently hosting. I definitely wanted them part of my design.  Keeping to the “retired theme”, I incorporated the Serenity Gaudy beads as the color is very subtle and wouldn’t make the design too busy.

Valentine’s Day Design Pure Love

My final design had to include the stunning Dreamfinder!  There is something so romantic about this bead so it just HAD to be included!  This time I did want to use reds so I chose Blush Oil Flowertwig and Sugarcane Roll Fractal beads as the accompanying beads.

Valentine’s Day Design Dream Finder

I had a lot of fun creating these bracelet designs to help me celebrate the holiday that is all about love.  If you have Valentine’s themed bracelets, what beads are you using to create the design?  We’d love hear from you!!  Comment on this blog and don’t forget to tag Elfbeads on Instagram!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

💕 Nichol | MyPrettyCharmedLife