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Introducing Dragons Collection

Dear Elfbeads family,

I'm excited to introduce a new release today! Our 4 Dragons and Constellations design is a series released as a 2022 Chinese New Year symbol.

Each dragon has a unique personality and a temper. Together, they are the strongest team – complementing, supporting each other, representing nature elements they belong to.

Fire Dragon
Magical, mysterious, passionate – our Fire dragon is made of bright red glass on the orange base with sprinkles of gold dust. Don’t be fooled by his cute ears and friendly appearance – he is a true warrior of the year 2022.

Fire Dragon Glass Bead

Sea Dragon
The Sea Dragon is a delicate and loving dragon sister. Calm and feminine, she will charm you with her sky blue base and a subtle dreamy sparkle.

Sea Dragon Glass Bead

Forest Dragon
The Forest Dragon is a guardian of our Wood Elves. Playful and restless – you can find him in the tree bushes or on a grass field. Oh, wait, you will have a hard time finding him because his emerald base with oily blue touch on the top merges effortlessly with juicy colors of the forest.

Forest Dragon Glass Bead

Sunny Dragon
The Sunny Dragon was born to make you smile. The Sun has chosen him for a play and magically reflects in his yellow base and golden spine and paws. A touch of pearly glitter on his scale adds to a happy and cheerful look. Embrace the Sun and open your heart to this young and gentle yet powerful dragon!

Sunny Dragon Glass Bead

The stars’ gold and shine now belong to you with this mysterious, meaningful, festive bead. Made of 925 Silver with 24K (pure) gold plating, each bead is sparkling with dozens of CZ and brings the look of the starry night sky to your wrist.

Constellation Glass Bead

Hope you'll enjoy our new collection!