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Elfbeads Glass | Shapes & Sizes

Hello Elfies!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nichol, and I am an avid collector of beads and charms.  If that sounds familiar, we may have crossed paths via my Instagram and YouTube channel, My Pretty Charmed Life, were I talk about all things … you guessed it… beads and charms!  I was thrilled when Mila asked me to help share my love and knowledge on their blog, as I have become an Elfie for life the second I got my hands on my first set of Elfbeads.  I am so happy to be here with you all!

Let’s talk about the various shapes and sizes you will come across as you dive into the wonderful world of Elfbeads Glass.  While there is a lot to learn about the wide range of choices you have when shopping Elfbeads, we will start with three different sizing options that are available to you, and why you may want to choose one over the other, depending on your styling preferences.  Please note that you will see many of these options in the Elfpetite line, but when we talk about sizing and fit, we are only referring to the regular line of glass.  More to come on Elfbpetite in a future blog post.

The most common size you will see across many bead companies, such as Pandora and other competitors, is the Donut Shape.  The name says it all.  These are shaped just like a donut.  This is the most narrow glass bead that Elfbeads offers, and are compatible with both flexible bracelet options as well as bangles. You will also find these fit nicely on other European style charm bracelets (yes, even the bracelets with threading). Within this shape of glass you will have many options that include a smooth glass surface, frosted glass, fractal cut, glow in the dark, as well as many styles that have added decorative glass on top of the glass for even more beautifully textured options.

Elfbeads Donut Shaped Glass

The next two shapes are fairly unique to Elfbeads.  The “World” shape refers to beads that are very rounded, like a globe, therefore “World” shape.  This style works great with most bracelets, although may not fit some bangles depending on bracelet sizing.  They look great as a stand alone bead, but they definitely stand out in a crowd as well!  Elfies have gotten creative and have used these beads as pendants on a necklace.  World beads are easy to locate by simply typing “World” in the search bar when shopping or by clicking here.  Keep in mind that you will also see World Elfpetites and these run significantly smaller than the standard World bead.  You will also find various texture options as you would with the donut beads.  

Elfbeads World Glass

Lastly, is their “Barrel” Glass.  Barrels are rounded but run wider.  Similar to putting approximately two to three donut shaped glass beads together. These serve as a great statement piece but they also play well with others.  Use “Barrel Glass” in the search field or browse the selection here. Due to the nature of the longer core, these are best compatible with flexible chain bracelets.  They will likely not fit on bangles.  Barrel Glass is also a perfect addition to necklaces.

Elfbeads Barrel Glass

The Elfbeads team is excited to have so many glass offerings to the amazing charm and bead community.  Elfbeads glass offer the perfect pop of color, magic, or whatever it is you desire to any of your bracelets.  They look amazing as a complete glass design or mixed in with some silver accents.  Whatever you are looking for in a glass bead, you will be able to find it with Elfbeads!