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Elfbeads Flowertwigs

Do you remember what your first Elfbeads purchase was? Part of my first haul, definitely included a set of Flowertwigs! The Soft Flowertwigs to be exact. These special beads that come with a layer of decorative flowers and stems sitting on top of the glass bead is clearly a crowd favorite.

Soft Flowertwig Design

Flowertwigs come in both “world” and “donut” shaped beads. If I’m not mistaken, the World Flowertwigs are a fairly recent addition to the Elfbeads catalogue. The color range is endless. Not only is there a lot going on inside the bead in terms of color and sparkle, but look closely as even the flowertwigs themselves come in different shades. 

Elfbeads World Flowertwigs

As far as designing Flowertwigs, I think they look great with silver beads, mixed with other Flowertwigs, or in a glass only design. They add some serious magic to any bracelet!

Mixed Flowertwig Design

Last but not least, I love to use Flowertwigs with other brands. I’ve used them mostly in my Pandora designs as I find them super complimentary. With Pandora providing less and less glass options, I am usually able to find something that matches perfectly. After consulting with a fellow Elfbeads collector, we decided that the Golden Sunshine Flowertwig was the perfect match for my Beauty and the Beast bracelet design.

Flowertwig with Pandora

What is your take on Flowertwigs? Are they a staple in your collection or something you have considered adding? Leave us a comment and let us know!

💕 Nichol | MyPrettyCharmedLife