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Elfbeads Bangles | Sizes, Stoppers, & Compatible Brands

Hello Elfbeads Friends!

Join me in today’s discussion centered around Elfbeads Bangles!  We will briefly touch on sizing, stoppers, and explore what beads, including other brands, fit on the bangles.

To start with sizing, I will refer you to my YouTube Video where I do some comparisons to popular brands.  This may help you find the right size for you.  Sizing is part preference, part fit, so it’s not that easy of a question to answer when someone wants sizing recommendations.   Elfbeads has this sizing chart available to also help you make the best decision for you.

Elfbeads Bangles Sizes

In short, I believe their sizing is similar to Trollbeads versus trying to use Pandora to help you decide.  These bangles are a bit more flexible so you can give them a little squeeze to fit more snug if you’d like.  I do want to caution you on going too big, because too much squeezing could misshape the bangle.

Stoppers are essential for these bangles if you are going to add beads to this bracelet.  They are definitely gorgeous enough be to worn on their own, but it’s so much fun to add your own flair and style to create your unique bracelet design.  The silicone lined stoppers hold a soft grip on your bangle to keep your beads safe.

Elfbeads Sunflower Bangle

Now let’s talk about the fun part… how to design with Elfbeads including what other brands fit on these bracelets.  If you are like me, and collect a wide range of beads and charms, you will be happy to know that these bangles are fairly universal!

Starting with the Elfbeads brand itself, I like to use their donut shaped glass and silvers, including their barrel shaped silver beads in my designs.  I find World shaped beads have an inconsistent fit - depending on the size and bend of the bangle mostly.

Elfbeads Song of Butterly

Here you can see the barrel shaped Song of a Butterfly fits perfectly as a centerpiece on this bangle.

Elfbeads Tiger Dragon Bracelet Design

The image above shows a classic mini design I put together with the Elfbeads Bangle that consists of several glass and silver beads.  I rarely put more than seven beads on a bangle.  Often less, but never more.  For a fuller design I would suggest using the standard bracelets with a clasp or closure.  This design includes the new Tiger Dragon, Blush Oil Flowertwig, Clouds, and Berry Fieldstone beads.

Brands I like to pair with these bangles are Pandora, The Palace of Amber, True Beadz, OHM Beads, Ogerbeads, and Trollbeads.  Check out the images below to see how I incorporated them into these designs and for more info on the fit.

Elfbeads and Pandora

This design mixes Pandora Mini Muranos and a gold plated pendant from the Harry Potter X Pandora collection.  The Everstar BGP LE beads match the plating on the pendant perfectly!

Elfbeads Bangle with Trollbeads

My Trollbeads were hit and miss as far as fit.  I was able to style with a good majority of them, but every once in a while I ran across an issue with Trollbeads not wanting to go passed the bend in the bangle.

Elfbeads and The Palace of Amber

I had a lot of fun using the Elfbeads Frost Monroes alongside these cuties from The Palace of Amber. 

Elfbeads with True Beadz, Ohmbeads, and Ogerbeads

This design is a mixture of several brands that fit consistently whether its glass or silver.  True Beadz Sheep feels right at home on this bangle.  I often design with OHM Beads on my bangles and have not run into any fit issues.  Ogerbeads work perfect whether you use their universal or small core, from what I can tell thus far.

I also collect beads and charms from other brands not shown above that fit including Aurora, Redbalifrog, Moress, Sprit Beads, Bella Fascini, and Gnoce to name a few.  Now you can see why I find these bangles to be extremely universal!

Elfbeads Bangles have quickly become one of my go-to bracelets for their beauty, ease of use, comfortable fit, and the ability to use all the brands I love!  

💕 Nichol | MyPrettyCharmedLife