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Icy Twilight Rose

Sale price€44,00

This exquisite bead captures the serene beauty of twilight, where icy blue roses bloom against a sparkling base, creating a dreamlike symphony of elegance and wonder. Even in the warmth of summer, the cool, shimmering hues evoke the refreshing and tranquil embrace of a twilight garden.

Let this bead transport you to a magical evening where the sky and the roses glisten with a frosty radiance. The Icy Twilight Rose embodies the mystical charm and tranquil beauty of a starlit garden, inviting you to revel in its enchanting embrace.

All our glass beads are made with the highest quality glass, sourced from all over the world. All our beads have a silver core with a 5 mm hole that fits all European bead brands. Our cores are marked with E925. This logo stands for Elfbeads and sterling silver 925.

Icy Twilight Rose
Icy Twilight Rose Sale price€44,00