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Birth Of The Fairy

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Today, amidst the enchanted glow of the forest, a wondrous spectacle unfolds. The Birth of The Fairy is a moment of pure magic and miracle.

Emerging from her delicate cocoon, woven from the finest threads of web and leaves and adorned with dewdrop pearls, the Fairy lies in a state between sleep and awakening. As the cocoon gently unfurls, revealing her exquisite form, the forest holds its breath in anticipation. In this fleeting moment of silence and awe, the guardian of the forest comes to life, her wings cascading like a gentle waterfall, her ears tuned to the whispered secrets of nature. Each detail, from her delicate feet to her graceful shoulders, is a masterpiece of artistry and enchantment.

Witness the Birth of The Fairy as she embraces her new life with boundless joy and delight!

This masterpiece is designed by Marina Zimina.

Bead dimensions: Height ~16.5mm; Width ~11mm; Depth ~11mm; weight: ~8g.

Our silver beads are crafted from the finest quality silver and are nickel-free. Each silver features a 5mm hole, making it compatible with Pandora and Trollbeads bracelets, and is stamped with an E925 hallmark.

Birth Of The Fairy
Birth Of The Fairy Sale price€92,00