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Summertime Allure

Step into a world of enchantment with our Summertime Allure Collection, where each bead whispers secrets of midnight summer mirages. Imagine a warm midnight breeze carrying the scent of nostalgia and romance, weaving tales of luxurious evenings under the starlit sky.

Summertime allure is more than just a collection; it's a secret door to a romantic fantasy, where every bead holds the promise of a miracle and the whisper of romance. It's a magical sanctuary where time stands still, allowing your imagination to roam free amidst the beauty of a summertime evening.

Capture a moment of pure beauty and style as you indulge in the luxurious charm of our Summertime Allure Collection. Let each bead transport you to a secret place where your fantasies come to life, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur into a tapestry of enchantment.

Save €75,00
Midnight Dream Design Set
Midnight Dream Design Set Sale price€299,00 Regular price€374,00
Save €44,00
Summertime Allure Design Set
Summertime Allure Design Set Sale price€175,00 Regular price€219,00
Save €53,00
Swan Lake Design Set
Swan Lake Design Set Sale price€212,00 Regular price€265,00
Save €48,00
Moonlit Flowers Design Set
Moonlit Flowers Design Set Sale price€190,00 Regular price€238,00
Sold outSave €54,00
Summertime Bloom Design Set
Summertime Bloom Design Set Sale price€214,00 Regular price€268,00
Save €50,00
The Fern Snail Dream Design Set
The Fern Snail Dream Design Set Sale price€198,00 Regular price€248,00
Ribbon Allure TwigsRibbon Allure Twigs
Ribbon Allure Twigs Sale price€53,00
Moonlit Swan Lake RomanceMoonlit Swan Lake Romance
Moonlit Swan Lake Romance Sale price€53,00
Swan Enchanted SonataSwan Enchanted Sonata
Swan Enchanted Sonata Sale price€53,00
Swan Moonlight SonataSwan Moonlight Sonata
Swan Moonlight Sonata Sale price€53,00
Luna's Sapphire FlowerLuna's Sapphire Flower
Luna's Sapphire Flower Sale price€44,00
Azure Moonlit GardenAzure Moonlit Garden
Azure Moonlit Garden Sale price€44,00
Midnight Princess RoseMidnight Princess Rose
Midnight Princess Rose Sale price€44,00
Icy Twilight RoseIcy Twilight Rose
Icy Twilight Rose Sale price€44,00
Royal Blue SwirlstoneRoyal Blue Swirlstone
Royal Blue Swirlstone Sale price€44,00
Graceful SwirlstoneGraceful Swirlstone
Graceful Swirlstone Sale price€44,00
Moonflower SwirlstoneMoonflower Swirlstone
Moonflower Swirlstone Sale price€44,00
Moonlit Shimmer DandelionsMoonlit Shimmer Dandelions
Moonlit Shimmer Dandelions Sale price€44,00
Bloom SonataBloom Sonata
Bloom Sonata Sale price€44,00
Enchanted BloomEnchanted Bloom
Enchanted Bloom Sale price€44,00
Summertime Butterflies-Blue OrangeSummertime Butterflies-Blue Orange
Summertime Butterflies-Purple GreenSummertime Butterflies-Purple Green
Secret Garden Midnight PathSecret Garden Midnight Path
Secret Garden Midnight Path Sale price€44,00
Secret Garden Mystery BlossomSecret Garden Mystery Blossom
Secret Garden Mystery Blossom Sale price€44,00
Serenity ScalesSerenity Scales
Serenity Scales Sale price€39,00
Passionate ScalesPassionate Scales
Passionate Scales Sale price€39,00
Royal Blue ScalesRoyal Blue Scales
Royal Blue Scales Sale price€39,00
Graceful ScalesGraceful Scales
Graceful Scales Sale price€39,00
Daydreaming TripetualDaydreaming Tripetual
Daydreaming Tripetual Sale price€44,00
Graceful TripetualGraceful Tripetual
Graceful Tripetual Sale price€44,00
Moonflower TripetualMoonflower Tripetual
Moonflower Tripetual Sale price€44,00