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Think of every Pansy version you've seen so far, and you'll quickly notice that nature paints them almost in any color! This great variety and their lovely, bright appearances make the Pansies such lovable flowers. If you place them together, you can't help but smile in their presence. As if they make sure your heart is filled with nothing but love and happiness. What does your favorite Pansy look like?

Pansy flowers symbolize love, remembrance, and thoughtfulness. Gifts to all pansy lovers and enthusiasts.

Designed by Myra Cheng Moon

Our silver beads are made from the highest quality silver and are nickel free. Each bead is marked with E925. This logo stands for Elfbeads and sterling silver 925. If you want to be sure if your bead is an original Elfbeads, you can check the logo in the core.

Pansies Sale price$45.00