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Forever World Petite

Sale price$39.00

Petite silver bead with a continuous pattern reminiscent of a Calla Lily petal. Each “petal” is more rounded on one end, while the other end joins together to form an elongated point. Each “petal” has a beaded dot detail at its center. Subtle oxidation gives this bead added beauty and depth. Please also see our Forever World in our regular Elfbeads line for the same bead style, only larger.

Our silver beads are made from the highest quality silver and are nickel free. Each bead is marked with E925. This logo stands for Elfpetite and sterling silver 925. If you want to be sure if your bead is an original Elfpetite, you can check the logo in the core.

Forever World Petite
Forever World Petite Sale price$39.00