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Romantic Duos

After a long, freezing winter, the Secret Garden Elves sought a reason to celebrate, forgetting that no reason was needed. The Secret Garden is filled with magic and gentle reminders about the miracles always around us!

Beautiful music filled the air, and the season of love and appreciation began. Little treasures - precious beads started blooming, emerging from the flowers and trees and appearing in the air as the music touched the moonlight. Valentine's Day romance embraced our fantasy world, and hearts, ribbons, and flowers filled the atmosphere. The beads spread in pairs and started waltzing in the pink haze of the sunset!

Open your heart and let the beauty of our creations, born from all the love and inspiration, in.

P.S. We are thrilled to introduce new inhabitants to the Secret Garden! Our graceful and delicate cats are exploring the Garden, sharing love for magic and beads with us.

Save €44,00
Romantic Duos Design Set
Romantic Duos Design Set Sale price€176,00 Regular price€220,00
Save €46,00
Love Is a Gem Design Set
Love Is a Gem Design Set Sale price€184,00 Regular price€230,00
Save €61,00
Make Love No Hunt Design Set
Make Love No Hunt Design Set Sale price€243,00 Regular price€304,00
Save €46,00
Midnight Romance Design Set
Midnight Romance Design Set Sale price€184,00 Regular price€230,00
Make Love Not HuntMake Love Not Hunt
Make Love Not Hunt Sale price€62,00
It Takes Two To MeowIt Takes Two To Meow
It Takes Two To Meow Sale price€62,00
Cat SerenadeCat Serenade
Cat Serenade Sale price€42,00
Moonlit Love NoirMoonlit Love Noir
Moonlit Love Noir Sale price€42,00
Intriguing Hearts PinkIntriguing Hearts Pink
Intriguing Hearts Pink Sale price€37,00
Intriguing Hearts Yellow-GreenIntriguing Hearts Yellow-Green
Intriguing Hearts Yellow-Green Sale price€37,00
Blooms of Passion MonroeBlooms of Passion Monroe
Blooms of Passion Monroe Sale price€42,00
Gemstone Gardens MonroeGemstone Gardens Monroe
Gemstone Gardens Monroe Sale price€42,00
Royal Pink PerpetualsRoyal Pink Perpetuals
Royal Pink Perpetuals Sale price€42,00
Turquoise Elegance PerpetualsTurquoise Elegance Perpetuals
Turquoise Elegance Perpetuals Sale price€42,00
Midnight Elegance PerpetualsMidnight Elegance Perpetuals
Midnight Elegance Perpetuals Sale price€42,00
Midnight Royalty RibbonsMidnight Royalty Ribbons
Midnight Royalty Ribbons Sale price€42,00
Nebula Princess RoseNebula Princess Rose
Nebula Princess Rose Sale price€42,00
Cerulean Sunset BloomCerulean Sunset Bloom
Cerulean Sunset Bloom Sale price€42,00