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Elfbeads Classics

Elfbeads Classics is a series of the most striking, sophisticated, elegant, timeless designs we ever produced. These signature designs are the core of the brand, which brought Elfbeads worldwide popularity. Designs that nothing compares with.

Here are the beads you will recognize at the first glance, you always want to collect, mix and match. Meet Elfbeads Flowertwigs, Tripetuals, Flowerstones, Fieldstones, and more! Celebrate Elfbeads, celebrate beauty and style, art and talent!

Porcelain FlowertwigPorcelain Flowertwig
Porcelain Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Terracota FlowertwigTerracota Flowertwig
Terracota Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Memories Sale price€53,00
Flowers Sale price€43,00
Wishing Sale price€53,00
Sea DragonSea Dragon
Sea Dragon Sale price€53,00
Sold out
Seahorse CarouselSeahorse Carousel
Seahorse Carousel Sale price€57,00
Sold out
Fish LifeFish Life
Fish Life Sale price€43,00
Sold out
Mirrors Sale price€53,00
Sold out
Surface Sale price€53,00
Path Sale price€43,00
Peacock Sale price€43,00
Pegasus ClassicsPegasus Classics
Pegasus Classics Sale price€53,00
Olive Green Amber FlowertwigOlive Green Amber Flowertwig
Olive Green Amber Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Gold Oil Sunset FlowertwigGold Oil Sunset Flowertwig
Gold Oil Sunset Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Gold Oil Light Mauve FlowertwigGold Oil Light Mauve Flowertwig
Gold Oil Light Mauve Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Romantic Lilac Peach FlowertwigRomantic Lilac Peach Flowertwig
Romantic Lilac Peach Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Romantic Lilac Golddust FlowertwigRomantic Lilac Golddust Flowertwig
Sold out
Violet Stardust FlowertwigViolet Stardust Flowertwig
Violet Stardust Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Amber Golddust Flowertwig - Elfbeads USAmber Golddust Flowertwig - Elfbeads US
Amber Golddust Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Sold out
Blue Lagoon FlowertwigBlue Lagoon Flowertwig
Blue Lagoon Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Sold out
Crocus FlowertwigCrocus Flowertwig
Crocus Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Blush FlowertwigBlush Flowertwig
Blush Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Blush Gold FlowertwigBlush Gold Flowertwig
Blush Gold Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Gold Oil Bright Red FlowertwigGold Oil Bright Red Flowertwig
Gold Oil Bright Red Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Darkberry Golddust FlowertwigDarkberry Golddust Flowertwig
Darkberry Golddust Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Midnight Oil Golddust FlowertwigMidnight Oil Golddust Flowertwig
Midnight Oil Golddust Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Icelandic Moss FlowertwigIcelandic Moss Flowertwig
Icelandic Moss Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Clover Fieldstone
Clover Fieldstone Sale price€42,00
Greenling Fieldstone
Greenling Fieldstone Sale price€42,00
Butter FlowerstoneButter Flowerstone
Butter Flowerstone Sale price€42,00
Delight FlowerstoneDelight Flowerstone
Delight Flowerstone Sale price€42,00
Arabian Sea Flowerstone Sale price€42,00
Wonder FlowerstoneWonder Flowerstone
Wonder Flowerstone Sale price€42,00
Bath FieldstoneBath Fieldstone
Bath Fieldstone Sale price€42,00
Aqua Fieldstone - Elfbeads USAqua Fieldstone - Elfbeads US
Aqua Fieldstone Sale price€42,00
Warm Night FieldstoneWarm Night Fieldstone
Warm Night Fieldstone Sale price€42,00
Forget-Me-Not FlowerstoneForget-Me-Not Flowerstone
Forget-Me-Not Flowerstone Sale price€42,00
Sweet FieldstoneSweet Fieldstone
Sweet Fieldstone Sale price€42,00
Magnolia FlowerstoneMagnolia Flowerstone
Magnolia Flowerstone Sale price€42,00
Haute FlowerstoneHaute Flowerstone
Haute Flowerstone Sale price€42,00
Ceramic FlowerstoneCeramic Flowerstone
Ceramic Flowerstone Sale price€42,00
Candy FieldstoneCandy Fieldstone
Candy Fieldstone Sale price€42,00
Berry Fieldstone
Berry Fieldstone Sale price€42,00
Bouganville FlowerstoneBouganville Flowerstone
Bouganville Flowerstone Sale price€42,00
Midnight Lavender FieldstoneMidnight Lavender Fieldstone
Midnight Lavender Fieldstone Sale price€42,00
Turquoise TripetualTurquoise Tripetual
Turquoise Tripetual Sale price€42,00
Sweet TripetualSweet Tripetual
Sweet Tripetual Sale price€42,00