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Christmas 2021 Collection

We are bringing you the most festive collection of the 2021 year! Everything is sparkling, glowing, shining in joyful fireworks of Christmas colors!

This is our way of wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Plant a few Christmas trees on your bracelet, decorate it with Poinsettia and Holly leaves, and, why not, some red apples. Unleash your creativity and dare to mix like you never did before - bright reds, blues, greens, orange, yellow, gold is all you need to make the Christmas magic happen.

Let our beads bring you success, comfort, joy, and luck this year, next year, and always!

Save €58,00
Merry Christmas Design Set 02Merry Christmas Design Set 02
Merry Christmas Design Set 02 Sale price€231,00 Regular price€289,00
Sold outSave €50,00
Merry Christmas Design Set 03Merry Christmas Design Set 03
Merry Christmas Design Set 03 Sale price€199,00 Regular price€249,00
Save €35,00
Merry Christmas Design Set 04
Merry Christmas Design Set 04 Sale price€137,00 Regular price€172,00
Sold out
Winter CottageWinter Cottage
Winter Cottage Sale price€53,00
Mrs TomteMrs Tomte
Mrs Tomte Sale price€53,00
Sold out
Snowflake TreeSnowflake Tree
Snowflake Tree Sale price€43,00
Sold out
Mr ChristmasMr Christmas
Mr Christmas Sale price€43,00
Sold out
Warm Christmas TreesWarm Christmas Trees
Warm Christmas Trees Sale price€42,00
Christmas Celebration GolddustChristmas Celebration Golddust
Christmas Sparkle EarthbeadChristmas Sparkle Earthbead
Christmas Sparkle Earthbead Sale price€42,00
Holly Leaves GolddustHolly Leaves Golddust
Holly Leaves Golddust Sale price€42,00
Holiday Treats StardustHoliday Treats Stardust
Holiday Treats Stardust Sale price€37,00
Sold out
Poinsettia FlowertwigPoinsettia Flowertwig
Poinsettia Flowertwig Sale price€42,00
Christmas Happiness Sparkle FractalChristmas Happiness Sparkle Fractal
Christmas Joy Sparkle FractalChristmas Joy Sparkle Fractal
Christmas Dream Sparkle FractalChristmas Dream Sparkle Fractal
Ocean Ornament World Dewdrops FrostOcean Ornament World Dewdrops Frost
Holiday Ornament World Dewdrops FrostHoliday Ornament World Dewdrops Frost
Jungle Ornament World Dewdrops Frost