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What Is A Monroe?

Hello Elfies!  I am here to talk about the little CZs that add a touch of glitz and glam to any bead, known in the Elfbeads world as “Monroes”.  If the name of a bead has the word “Monroe” in it, you better believe its a bead filled with CZs of some sort!

Some of my favorite beads include ones where CZs add additional accents to an already decorated glass bead.  The Soft Old Pink Butterfly Monroe, Violet Blue Flower Monroe, and Soft Lavender Flower Monroe are perfect examples of how CZs give these flowery beads a nice finishing touch.

Soft Old Pink Butterfly Monroe, Violet Blue Flower Monroe, & Soft Lavender Flower Monroe

Elfbeads has a fun collection where the Monroes are strategically placed to create a flower shape around the bead. These Flower Monroes come in several colors. I happen to have the Magenta Flower Monroes in my collection and hope to add other colors soon!

Elfbeads Magenta Flower Monroe

You may come across a larger sized Monroe CZ!  I’ve happened to see a few when browsing the Elfbeads website and was lucky to get a deal set last year that had the Big Monroes! Pictured below are a couple beads from the Limited Edition Big Monroe Rainbow Deal Set next to the Carnival Monroes for you to use as a size comparison.  Just look at how the Big Monroe steals the show!

Elfbeads Monroe Bracelet Design

You will find Monroes come in the Elfpetites as well. When you are browsing, if you see the word “Petite”, that means it is a smaller bead with a significantly smaller core and will only fit Elfpetite bracelets or similar styles from others brands such as Pandora Essence bracelets.

To browse all Monroes, type “Monroe” in the search while shopping on Elfbeads or simply click HERE.

My hope with these blog posts is to not only share my love of Elfbeads with you all, but to also help you understand how I, as a consumer, have come to understand all the different types, styles, and classifications to make shopping easy and enjoyable!

💕 Nichol | MyPrettyCharmedLife