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Playtime With Elfbeads Kids Collection

Hello Elfies!

Have you seen the new Kids Collection Elfbeads recently launched? I find it so happy and playful, and in no way is this collection only for kids. This collection does, however, appeal to kids; so I was extra excited to have a design session with my daughter, Presley. In this blog, you will see the designs we put together.

Fred the Frog design

I was most excited to design with Fred the Frog because of my obsession with frogs. They did such a good job with the contrast of the green on the frog and a beautiful teal color for the glass. My favorite part, his big eyes!

Lexie the Fox Design

Presley was most excited to design with Lexie the Fox.  She looked at all my glass beads and paired them with faceted glass beads.  I really appreciate how she designs, as she doesn’t get too caught up in symmetry.

Betty the Sheep

Betty the Sheep has a sweetness to her, so I went for a softer design here. I paired these sheep with Dream Field World as I picture these sheep in a flowery meadow on a nice sunny day!

Liana the Koala

Here again, we have multiple colored beads chosen by Presley. This time she went for all the Dewdrops she could find. Liana the Koala seems pretty content in this design.

Love Bear

So many people were ecstatic about the re-release of Love Bear!  I was lucky enough to have gotten him a while back in a Love Set and was often asked if it was out of stock forever.  Good news!  The adorable teddy is back! I paired him with the Sunny Cloud Nine and Cloud Nine beads.

Eleonora the Elephant

Eleonora the Elephant is one of my faves!  I have plenty of silver elephant beads, but nothing quite as cute as this. Presley got a little wild in this design mixing textures and colors, and I gotta say, it’s a pretty fun design.

Kids Collection Design

Lastly, I had fun putting all these little friends together. I’m really happy to see a collection like this come to life.  My kiddo has been a huge part of my collecting journey and we have found ways to bond over designing and cleaning our beads together. It is awesome to see a company put out a collection that appeals to children, yet can be enjoyed by anyone!  Which character are you drawn to the most?

💕 Nichol | My Pretty Charmed Life