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Introducing Secret Garden Collection

Dear Elfbeads Family,

It's time to visit our Secret Garden for some magic!

Secret Garden is a place where we get inspiration from nature and fairy tales. It's a place where we come to notice things - small and big. Here we often observe and embrace changes in nature, like seasons taking turns or day switch the night.

Today we show you what happens only once in 100 years in our Secret Garden! Only for one day, Winter meets Spring! Two seasons come together to play! On this day, it is warm and cold at the same time. The Sun is hot and shines bright, but ice doesn't melt, blizzard doesn't stop the dance, Winter puts a spell on the water of the magic pond and draws its painting.

At the same time - flowers begin to bloom among the snow and ice; Spring steps in and colors everything in green, pink, lavender. Roses dance with the snowflakes; hummingbirds play with Ice Dragon. White and blue flowers made from the snow and ice begin to grow and blossom.

Please come to our Secret Garden while the magic is still happening! What else can you notice here on this fantastic day when Winter and Spring play together?