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Introducing Merry Christmas Collection

Hello, wonderful Elfbeads family!

I am here today to share the holiday mood as we bring you the most festive collection of the year!

Everything is sparkling, glowing, shining in joyful fireworks of Christmas colors!✨✨✨

That is our way of wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Plant a few Christmas trees on your bracelet, decorate it with Poinsettia and Holly leaves, and, why not, some red apples. Unleash your creativity and dare to mix like you never did before - bright reds, blues, greens, orange, yellow, gold is all you need to make the Christmas magic happen.

And last but not least, only for this holiday season, we are returning three limited edition Christmas Trees so that they have a chance to find a well-deserved place in your collection.

Let our beads bring you success, comfort, joy, and luck this year, next year, and always!



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