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Hi Elfies!  Did you know Elfbeads has a smaller sized collection called Elfpetites? Think regular Elfbeads, but in a miniature version. Elfpetites come in glass and silvers and fit on an Elfpetites Bracelet chain. Similar to Elfbeads Glass, Elfpetites come in donut, world, and fractal cut glass. In a lot of cases, you will find some of your favorite silvers come in Elfpetite form.  

Elfpetite Donut Shape

Pictured above, you can see how the donut shaped Jungle Braid Petite bead looks compared to the Jungle Scales bead. 

Elfpetite World Fractal Bead

This photo shows the difference of the world sizes. The Raspberry World Fractal Petite is significantly smaller than the Dream Field World bead.

Elfpetites Silver Comparisons

There is something extra adorable about the Silver Elfpetites. The fact that they are able to take all the details from the original version and make them miniature, like the Forever World Petite and the Flower Power Seahorse Petite amazes me!

Elfpetites Bracelet Design

When designing with Elfpetites, like mentioned earlier in this blog, you will want to use a thinner chain. If you collected Pandora Essence, these beads will fit on your Essence bracelets.  While similar to Essence in size, Elfpetites do not have built in silicon grips, so I highly recommend stoppers. Elfbeads has Stoppers that fit their Petite Bracelet. 

Below are some additional Elfpetite Designs I put together on my Pandora Essence bangles and snake chain bracelets.

Are Elfpetites part of your collection? Is there anything you would like to see made petite?

💕 Nichol | MyPrettyCharmedLife