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Elfbeads Classics - a journey through the world of Elfbeads

In order to thrive, we all need to adapt, change, and grow. We need to be flexible and fast. But we can hardly achieve any development goal without knowing and respecting who we are and how we became who we are.

What makes Elfbeads Elfbeads? Of course, it's our kind and loving family. You are Elfbeads, Elfbeads is you! And the core of the brand is the signature designs that brought Elfbeads popularity worldwide. Designs that nothing compares with. The beads you will recognize from the first glance, you always want to collect, mix and match.

With this, I begin the Elfbeads series of the most striking, sophisticated, elegant, timeless designs – Elfbeads Classics. Meet Elfbeads Flowertwigs, Tripetuals, Flowerstones, Fieldstones, and more! Take a 360 look at our charismatic Pegasus and the elegant Peacock.

Celebrate Elfbeads, celebrate beauty and style, art and talent! Because Elfbeads is love!