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Before They Are Gone… Retiring Beads Designs

Hello Elfies!

Nichol here to share some of my favorite beads that are retiring.  If these are not already in you collection, I highly recommend grabbing some of these before they are gone forever.  No better time to snatch them up than during Elfbeads buy 2 get 1 free Grand Sale!  The designs I put together include my favorites that are still in stock as I didn’t want to get you excited about a bead that was already sold out.  That wouldn’t be very elf like! 

Design #1

Elfbeads Citrus Trilogy Design

I love the wide color range Elfbeads has to offer in their glass.  They combine shades and designs in a way that is very reminiscent of Trollbeads, but with a unique Elfbeads touch.  This design features (from left to right) Icelandic MonetCitrus Trilogy, Jungle Worldflowers, and Icelandic Roses.  The color combinations on here are gorgeous and blend so cohesively.  The texture and 3D elements on these beads give it plenty of dimension.

Citrus Trilogy Design Side View

Design #2

Elfbeads Potflower Design

I used two pairs of the Gayas on this design.  Eighties Gaya and Old Lavender Gaya frame the silver Potflower bead in this design. The stripes on the Eighties Gaya are so eye catching, I can’t help but love to look at this particular bead from all angles and under different light.

Elfbeads Eighties Gaya Side View

Design #3

Nebula Springs

This design includes my first Dewdrops I purchased when I first started collecting Elfbeads, the Soft Lavender Dewdrops. I’m not sure if it’s my eyes playing tricks on me, but they always seem to have a different touch of purple depending on how they are styled and how the lighting is hitting.  One thing that stays the same, is how much I love them.  They are paired with Nebula Springs (can we just appreciate that magical haze running through this bead) and the Misty Pearl Vortex Frost serving as the centerpiece. Frost beads are my new obsession.  I am captivated at the magical glow that seems to be hiding inside frosted beads.

Elfbeads Nebula Springs Design

While I am sad to see so many beautiful pieces retire, I am grateful Elfbeads gave us plenty of time and notice to get any missing pieces from their collection.  I am excited that it means more room for more spectacular beads!  Just wait until you see the secret garden collection 🤫.

Were you able to pick up some retiring beads during this sale? We’d love to hear what your favorites were.  Leave us a comment to let us know!

💕 Nichol | MyPrettyCharmedLife