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Halloween 2023 Collection

As the autumn leaves paint the world in vibrant hues, we embarked on a journey through the deepest forest, where ancient witches dwell. This magical sojourn has gifted us invaluable lessons and the secrets of their enchanting potions. We are absolutely thrilled to share our newfound wisdom with you! The Halloween 2023 collection holds the essence of this mystical adventure, ready to weave its own enchantments into your life.
However, a word of caution: as you navigate through these creations, you may find yourself under the spell of their irresistible charm or even overcome by a delightful shiver of spooky excitement!
Embrace the magic and immerse yourself in the stories each bead tells. May this collection bring a touch of enchantment to your autumn days!

Save $71.00
Haunted House Design Set
Haunted House Design Set Sale price$280.00 Regular price$351.00
Save $51.00
Monster Cat Design Set
Monster Cat Design Set Sale price$202.00 Regular price$253.00
Save $64.00
Althea Design Set
Althea Design Set Sale price$255.00 Regular price$319.00
Save $47.00
Purple Nightmare Design Set
Purple Nightmare Design Set Sale price$184.00 Regular price$231.00
Haunted HouseHaunted House
Haunted House Sale price$65.00
The NecronomiconThe Necronomicon
The Necronomicon Sale price$65.00
Monster CatMonster Cat
Monster Cat Sale price$65.00
Hamlet GhostHamlet Ghost
Hamlet Ghost Sale price$55.00
Rosemary SkullsRosemary Skulls
Rosemary Skulls Sale price$55.00
Thyme SkullsThyme Skulls
Thyme Skulls Sale price$55.00
Althea the WitchAlthea the Witch
Althea the Witch Sale price$55.00
Wheel of PoisonWheel of Poison
Wheel of Poison Sale price$45.00
The ElementsThe Elements
The Elements Sale price$45.00
Purple NightmarePurple Nightmare
Purple Nightmare Sale price$65.00
Midnight Magic ChandelierMidnight Magic Chandelier
Midnight Magic Chandelier Sale price$44.00
Slime Pumpkin Caramel FlowertwigSlime Pumpkin Caramel Flowertwig
Wilted Beauty FlowertwigWilted Beauty Flowertwig
Wilted Beauty Flowertwig Sale price$44.00
Midnight Lace FlowertwigMidnight Lace Flowertwig
Midnight Lace Flowertwig Sale price$44.00
Witch Potion FlowertwigWitch Potion Flowertwig
Witch Potion Flowertwig Sale price$44.00
Pumpkin Midnight Caramel FlowertwigPumpkin Midnight Caramel Flowertwig
Blackberry Lime Caramel FlowertwigBlackberry Lime Caramel Flowertwig
Pumpkin Allure FlowertwigPumpkin Allure Flowertwig
Pumpkin Allure Flowertwig Sale price$44.00
Midnight Pumpkin DewdropsMidnight Pumpkin Dewdrops
Midnight Pumpkin Dewdrops Sale price$39.00
Midnight Jelly  DewdropsMidnight Jelly  Dewdrops
Midnight Jelly Dewdrops Sale price$39.00
Slime PotionSlime Potion
Slime Potion Sale price$44.00
Midnight Polka DotMidnight Polka Dot
Midnight Polka Dot Sale price$39.00
Orange Polka DotOrange Polka Dot
Orange Polka Dot Sale price$39.00
Midnight Red HeartsMidnight Red Hearts
Midnight Red Hearts Sale price$44.00
Betty Black HeartsBetty Black Hearts
Betty Black Hearts Sale price$44.00
Midnight Pumpkin HeartsMidnight Pumpkin Hearts
Midnight Pumpkin Hearts Sale price$44.00
Pumpkin Black HeartsPumpkin Black Hearts
Pumpkin Black Hearts Sale price$44.00
Witch Cauldron MonroeWitch Cauldron Monroe
Witch Cauldron Monroe Sale price$44.00
Swamp Witch Cauldron MonroeSwamp Witch Cauldron Monroe
Swamp JellySwamp Jelly
Swamp Jelly Sale price$39.00
Ocean Swamp JellyOcean Swamp Jelly
Ocean Swamp Jelly Sale price$39.00