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Spring Symphony Collection Introduction

Hello dearest Elfbeads Family,

Elfbeads Spring Symphony collection is here! Sleepless nights are over, at least for another week, till we start preparing the next release.

This is a big collection - 41 beads total! And I couldn’t be happier with the final result!
Its purpose is to make you hear the Spring music of nature. To make you smile and/or sing! Smell the flowers, indulge your eyes with looking at the rainbow of colors! There’s so much beauty around us! Life is the greatest gift one could ever acquire! And there’s so much we can learn from the Mother Nature and so many gifts to enjoy!
Happy Spring, dear friends!
Thank you for all the support and special thank you to Nichol @myprettycharmedlife and Rita @acharmeddreamer for all the inspiration!

“We are stunned by the beauty of Mother Nature. Each season has its charm, but nothing compares to the Spring awakening.
No matter how rough the Winter was and how deep was the silence of Nature around, there will always be rebirth and renewal. Everything turns towards the warm and loving Sun, responding to its love with hope and trust - stretching, growing, and blooming. It becomes music! Here we are speechless in front of the masterpiece created by Earth. This is the most beautiful symphony of love, peace, trust, and harmony - this is Spring Symphony! “