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My Spring Symphony Designs

Hello Elfbeads Friends!

Today’s blog post is dedicated to the recent launch of Elfbeads Spring Symphony Collection. These are the perfect pairings for the current Spring season!  For additional close ups and design ideas, make sure to check out my YouTube video, showcasing the collection!

Spring Design w/ Tuplips

The first design was inspired by the amazing Tulips glass beads! I had never seen anything like these and knew they’d make the perfect Easter design. These tulips remind me of the Tulip Festival that takes place every April in Washington. Great memories from when I resided in the Pacific Northwest. Shown above, I have several of the Tulip beads framing The Gift of Spring bunnies.

Magnolia Flowerhugs Design

Magnolia Flowerhugs is such a stunning silver piece meant to pair with two glass beads within the silver. I went through a couple renditions before I settled on this design. Originally, I was using glass beads with a lot of designs on them and realized it was taking away from the beauty of the Magnolia piece. I opted for pieces from the now sold out Cherry Blossom Deal set, and accented the end with new Ruby Gold Roses bead.

Cherry Blossom Spacers w/ Blue Flowers

While I am excited about this entire collection, there was something about the Cherry Blossom Spacers that just made me smile (and that’s before I noticed the hidden happy faces in a couple of the flowers)! I paired these with similar blues from the Lilies, Tulips, and Edelweiss beads.

Soft Blossom Golddust World Fractal Design

There are quite a few options for the blue-green teal shade. I found these complemented each other while not being the exact same shade. The Soft Blossom Golddust World Fractal bead creates the centerpiece for this design. Keeping the Blossom Golddust theme, I have two the of the donut shaped blossoms on both ends, while the Ocean Gold Lilies Monroe and Sunny Ocean Dewdrops adds texture and frames the world bead.

 Light Pink Bracelet Design

Lastly, I had to create an all pink design! My friend Rita (@ACharmedDreamer on IG) and I were comparing all the lighter pinks, and I stumbled upon this design. It features some older pieces, but also includes the recently released Baby Pink Rose bead from the Secret Garden Collection. The glass beads from Spring Symphony are the Delicate Pink Lilies Monroe and Baby Pink Edelweiss Frost.

There are so many possibilities with this collection as this was a massive launch filled with one beautiful bead after another. What are your favorites from the Spring Symphony Collection?

💕 Nichol | MyPrettyCharmedLife