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Elfbeads got the wings!

New Elfbeads Logo


Today, we are flying on the wings of inspiration!

We are very proud to present you with our beautiful new logo and fully redesigned website. The new logo has the most incredible meaning for all of us!

Over two years ago, my family and I heard the call of Elfbeads. The call was strong and became my passion and my husband`s hard work. Elfbeads always had a mission to convey beauty, honesty, and purity, to share as much love as possible through the outstanding world of glass and silver. We stayed true to this mission; we listened, and we heard the voice of this magical brand. And today, we have gifted Elfbeads its wings! Fly high to the Sun, bring happiness to the world, and shower us with beauty! Cheers to all the magic and all the hard work behind the scenes!

Love you all,

Mila and Elfbeads Team