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Elfbeads “Frost” Beads

Hello my fellow Elfbead Collectors! I am back with a new blog discussing the beautiful matte style beads by Elfbeads.

One of my favorite things about Elfbeads, is the various forms of life their glass beads take. One of the first items that caught my eye when I started noticing Elfbeads on Instagram was their matte frosted beads. I wasn’t familiar with these types of glass beads and I was intrigued! These matte style beads, I have learned through many hours of browsing the Elfbeads catalogue, are categorized as “Frost” beads (with the exception of two other beads with “frost” in their name due to their color). With a “frost” bead you can expect it to have a matte texture to it. No glossy shine for these beauties, that’s just not how they roll! They add a unique look and are just as versatile as their shiny counterparts.  

Elfbeads Frost Beads

As shown in the photo above, you can see frost beads come in both donut and world shape sizes, can be done with multicolor beads, and more importantly… they can even add the 3D raised glass layer in this bead type!  Let’s take a look at a few different styles and see how they pair with other glass beads. (Is anyone crossing their fingers that they have a Flowertwig version?)

Elfbeads Frost Bead Design

This first design features all frost beads with lilies and dewdrops textures. The LE Icelandic Lilies Frost beads frame the Crocus Dewdrops Frost and Mystic Dewdrops Frost. I took a risk mixing colors and textures, but I love how it turned out.

Elfbeads Frost Design w/ Secret Garden

I was really inspired by the new Hearts of Winter bead from The Secret Garden Collection. The mixture of this deep pink and teal sent my mind swirling with possibilities! I immediately paired them with two Teal Perpetuals, which I felt worked perfectly. Then I noticed the deep pink matched one of the beads from the latest Cherry Blossom Deal Set. Luckily, I had two sets, so I took one bead from each to create a pair and placed with this design. Side note! The Cherry Blossom Deal Set is back in stock! If you want to dabble with frost beads, this is the set to do it with! These sets are such an amazing deal, bringing each bead to only $13 a pop! Anyway, I really like how the frost beads work in this design. It really makes the shimmer in Hearts of Winter pop.

Ice Roll Frost Beads Design

If you watched my YouTube video showcasing the Secret Garden Collection, then this design will look familiar.  The blues in the frost and the other glass beads compliment each other so well, and I love how interesting the design looks mixing both bead styles.

Sakura Flowertwig Frost Design

Look what we have here… a Frost Flowertwig! The Sakura Flowertwig Frost Bead is currently the only frosted flowertwig, and I must say, she is a beauty! I again paired a couple of the Cherry Blossom Deal Set beads with the flowertwig to create this design.

What are your thoughts on these frosted beauties?  What bead would you like to see have a frost version?  Tell us in the comments!  To see what frost beads Elfbeads currently has to offer simply type “frost” when searching the online store or click here.

Take care!

💕 Nichol | My Pretty Charmed Life