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Elfbeads Chain Bracelets

Hello Elfies!

Let’s explore the chain bracelets that Elfbeads has to offer. Currently, there are two different chain bracelets to choose from. Both have gorgeous clasps and offer different chain aesthetics. These bracelets are very flexible and can hold more beads than bangles. They are the perfect option if you are going for a fuller look. I do recommend using stoppers when designing with their chain bracelets so you don’t risk losing all your beads when you are putting on or removing your bracelet.  

Jugend Flower Bracelet

The Jugend Flower Bracelet has a unique look to the links making up the chain. The flower clasp is also eye catching! These bracelets are perfect for using bigger beads, such as the barrel and world beads, because of the flexibility of the chain.

Jugend Flower Bracelet Design

The next chain bracelet option is the Scale Bracelet.

Scale Bracelet

These bracelets have a familiar design to the chain. They remind me of the Trollbeads foxtails, which I think are fabulous. The scale clasp compliments the chain design well. I find this bracelet to be rather universal in styling. I tend to like to go heavy on the glass beads with this particular bracelet.

Scale Clasp Bracelet Design

While these bracelets are meant to hold beads, the beauty of the chains and the statement piece clasps, allow these bracelets to be just as beautiful on their own. They are great to use as stacking pieces!

Bracelet Stack

The question of sizing always comes up when talking about bracelets. Elfbeads recommend sizing up 2cm from your wrist size. How you plan on using the bracelet is a big factor in determining size. If you want to fill the bracelet up with several beads, you may want to size up even more!

Do you have a bracelet preference when it comes to putting your beads and charms on a bracelet? I change with the seasons!

💕 Nichol | My Pretty Charmed Life